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Or yet...
Walked the dogs this morning and planned to nip down to Tesco's, pick up some stuff we failed to get at Sainsburys, have a tag engraved for Bren's see-in-the-dark collar and pick up my pills (prescription picked up yesterday when coming back from Sainsburys). After that I could write and watch the racing on the telly, while Ina intended to prep tonight's lasagne and bake stuff.

However, when we tried to find Flash to put in his eyedrops, he'd gone missing. We looked on all three floors, in the porch and the utility room, outside in the back garden, under the beds, in the bathroom behind the awaiting-washing collection, under the sofas, behind the curtains, under the duvets, in the wardrobes we hadn't opened... you get the picture. Through all of this the other three cats watched us with disdained amusement

Finally, dispirited, we ran out of places to look. It was then that I heard a cat yelling and found sir in the first floor loo. How he got in there -- the door had been closed for at least 24 hours, though the catch was not on the way it normally is -- is a mystery. The cat who walks though walls, indeed. So, eyedrops. Only Ina picked up the cat and Draco objected and it took me some time to locate the cat again.

So, I thought, we can have lunch and I can still get down to Tescos and back before the racing. Only, as I was in the loo, there was a great dog commotion. Ina had been eating pork pie (and very nice pork pie it was too) and Draco stole the last piece. Bren knows that dogs are not allowed to steal human food, and he objected, strongly. Draco, who KNOWS he is top dog, went for him. There was a dog fight. At the end of it, Bren was unscathed. Draco seemed okay too, until we saw the blood running over and round his right eye. Then, before we could examine him further, he dived under a sofa and proceeded to attack any hand that ventured towards him.

I phoned the vet. We got an emergency appointment for 2pm, when consultation opened and, eventually, Draco came out and we located the wound, a deep scratch above his right eye. It had stopped bleeding by the time we arrived at the vet. Scott cleaned the wound, examined the eye and said it was bruised but not scratched, injected him with painkiller and long lasting antibiotics, sealed the wound with glue, and sent us back home with some metacam.

So we drove down to Tescos anyway, and Ina took Draco for a walk while I went and did everything I'd meant to do earlier.

Right now, Ina is in the kitchen making lasagne. Unfortunately, we appear to have run out of canned tomatoes...

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Oh, no! Running out of tinned tomatoes is a catastrophe! (Well, it sounds more like the last straw, in your case...)

Oddly enough, the lasagne turned out very well. Ina improvised with some tomato puree and chopped fresh tomato.

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