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Not stopped yet.
This morning was mayhem again.

When we got up we found that Flash's right eye was almost closed and covered in pus. So we phoned the vet, then took the dogs out for what was literally half an hour before changing out of the dog walking wellies, catching Flash, boxing him, and driving to the vet. (Both of us had to go because the electrician wanted paying in cash so we would have to call at a bank on the way back - we've used him before and he's always done good work for us.) We got to the vet on time, but it was crowded, there was only one vet on, it was Alistair and he does not skimp. So, forty minutes later we get to see him. Flash has a scratch on his right eye and will need antibiotic drops four times a day.

It ten took us more than ten minutes to actually pay and clear the vets.

We then took a chance and stopped at Chigwell on the way back for the cash. This meant a fair amount of running and leaving Flash in the car which is not ideal. However, we pulled in at 12:10 to find the electrician (Ian - why are we always on first name terms with workmen?) sitting in his van on our drive.

He got to work. He was damn quick. But Ina needed to go out just about when he was packing up, and asked that I drive her because it was nasty outside. So leaving Ian packing up (and taking his cash with me!) I drove Ina to the station, only to find that they are digging up the main round the buses run on and there was an ... interesting... diversion. Ina is not looking forward to getting a bus tonight.

Got back. Paid Ian. Had a sandwich. Took the dogs out around 3.15. We were in the local woods when the heavens opened. We all got back soaking wet.

I am supposed to be taking Bren to agility training tonight, which takes place in a indoor riding school - the doors won't close and it's cold at the best of times. Tonight will be a cold, raining gale.

I have just texted the trainer indicating that she will see us if she sees us.

Just realised I forgot my blood pressure pills this morning, and I have no food in... At least we now have a friege with a proper plug in a proper socket, the doorbell is now where it should be and working for the first time in years, we have two more working sockets in the kitchen which were clogged with fat (and cat pee - some people used to stand on the old boiler and aim) and have now been replaced, and the landing light is, maybe, working.

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Oh, dear.

But hurrah for electricians!

(And, um, having told trainer that she will see you if she sees you, maybe check that she will be there to be seen...?)

I trust that those sockets were already clogged and non-functional when the cats were aiming at them! Because otherwise, things could have gotten Interesting.

They had plugs in them. Permanently.

All a bit hectic! I hope Flash's eye recovers quickly.

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