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Cripes, it's been a long day and it's only four fifty...
This morning, we were expecting the electrician ("I'll ring you when I've finished my first call" and therefore spent a couple of hours in frantic cleaning so the house was a bit less awful than usual. He hadn't rung at half ten, so we took the dogs for a walk in the local wood.

We got back about half eleven. As we took off our coats and the dogs' collars and leads a delivery van drew up and deposited two crates of wine from the Naked Wine Co. Twenty one bottles including a bottle of champers, two wine glasses and an aerator. We used to have one of these that sort of pushed air into the bottle. This one is a much larger construction of heavyweight clear plastic that sits over the glass as you pour the wine from the bottle. It even has a little sieve, presumably to catch lees (and little bits of cork if said cork is so old the corkscrew destroys it. This meant bringing the 21 bottle wine rack we bought in a charity shop a couple of years ago into the utility room and filling it with wine. (It already had a couple of bottles of champers and some of the last Naked Wine delivery in it which also needed to be transferred.)

We'd just brought the extras up to the rack in the sitting room when the electrician rang saying he would be there in half an hour. (We just had time for a cup of coffee and a sandwich.)

We then spent an amiable half hour with the electrician, talking about the small jobs that needed doing, and eventually discussing getting an electrical certificate for the house, and at least finding out what needs doing. The wiring is... eccentric... though not as eccentric as our last house, down at Newbury Park, where it -- and the house next door -- had come into the hands of mad DIYers.

Then we went out to buy slippers in one of our favourite shoe shops (where I recently bought two pairs of excellent green wellies which says a lot about my current lifestyle) in a local shopping centre (in Hainault.) It is interesting to note that I ended up with a pair of slippers marked a size larger than my usual size, and Ina with a pair marked a size smaller. Also dinner and Christmas cards.

I paid my credit card bill, saw about half of an NCIS, and had a cup of tea, then the dogs had to be walked again.

The rest of the afternoon was marked as the dyeing of Ina's hair. (Bright red, natch.) I used to do this for my Mum and I loathed the job then, because I'm always scared something awful will happen. (And when the packet tells you "dispose of this immediately as it might explode" I am happy to see it go. So Ina is sitting on the sofa right now waiting for it to develop... If it does go wrong, I may not report back...

Later: Ina's hair looks fab. Electrician wants to do work tomorrow pm and be paid in cash. Ina has an important afternoon appointment. Bren and I are supposed to be at agility training at 6:30. Somehow or other the dogs have to be walked in the evening. And Flash has a problem with one eye, which is weeping badly and has probably been scratched. Oh b*gger.

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This might explain why I get my hair coloured professionally these days- so the package explodes once I've gone home! :o)

Ina often gets hers done professionally, but this is a semi-permanent bright red dye for Christmas. I used to have my dark blonde hair foil-highlighted in light blonde and red, but nowadays I can pass off my grey as highlights!

I've got rather more grey now than can be passed off as anything- hence the colour!

Exploding hair-dye, that's impressive!

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