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RIP Lewis Collins
Bodie was always my favourite, and now Lewis Collins, who played him with such humour and enthusiasm, is gone at 67.

He was an underestimated TV actor, understanding the intimacy of the medium, and had the most eloquent eyebrows around.

I saw a couple of really, really bad films because he was in them, and, generally, I don't do that.

Rest in Peace, Lew.

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That's a shame :-( 67 is nothing these days.

Apparently he had cancer...

(Deleted comment)
Combined with navy blue eyes and eyelashes to die for, the man only had to lift an eyebrow in closeup to be devestating.

Oh no! I loved Bodie to bits, and had postes of him on my bedroom walls. :(

Somewhere we have a collection of photographs of Lewis and Martin Shaw (and one or two other people we found very, very sexy at the time.)

We were in Professionals/Hatstand (Ms T Beckett: "I think they're as bent as hatstands) fandom at the beginning. I really must get the rest of my Profs fanfic up on AO3...

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Oh no! I had no idea :'(
He was my fave, I adored him as a teenager (and beyond). He was so gorgeous

A really beautiful man. There's a wonderful story about how some male critic, reviewing Who Dares Wins, wrote that he could not understand why Judy Davis would suddenly go to bed with this bloke who had just walked into her club...

Female critics explained that this was hardly surprising...

I was really sorry to hear this.

He was my favourite too, and I loved the show.

Such a young age :(

I really must get the rest of my Pros fanfic up on AO3. I have scanned files from the Circuit but they need a lot of work and, with my current only gradually breaking writers' block, I do not need the distraction...

I'm very slowly loading my Primeval fic there. On the one hand there's not much incentive, but on the other had, I'm a bit of a completist.

But yes, I would like to read your Pros fic.

I liked him much better than shaw

So did I. I don't have a lot of time for Shaw, who used (I have little knowledge of him at present) to be a pretentious prat.

Neither of them was very bright, but at least Lew knew his limitations. Shaw thought he was an Ac-tor, rather than a jobbing player. (His is, though, a wonderful comic actor, who was determined to a be a dramatic actor.)

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