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Changes for the worse on Flickr and my photos
And I have just had the most appalling experience on Flickr. Once again they are changing the 'experience' and it is even worse than the vile one they have been using for the past few months. They have asked for feedback and everyone is yelling 'change it back' and everyone is, as usual, being ignored. The beta has a complete loss of functionality - it locked all my creative commons photographs and refused to let me share my own photographs. Yeah, wonderful. Luckily, we can still switch back to the not-quite-as-horrible last system.

Here are some of my favourite dogs

Filou on the run

This is Filou.

Little and Large

And Rowley (the terrier) who is a great friend of Bren's with their friend Patch, the American Bulldog (and the animal that killed that child recently was certainly not an American Bulldog, but plainly a cross with a lot of English Bulldog.)

Finally, we received a contributor's copy of a little children's book by Jack Byard called 'Know Your Cats' to which I contributed a photograph of Quillan (as a Singapura) and Kurt (as an Havana.) I confused Jack's publishers mightily by getting muddled enough to credit one photo to my real name and one to Lil who, confusingly, lived at the same address. Mostly, my photos get picked up in Wikipedia, and not acknowledged which they should be under Creative Commons, or on websites, where most people are, you know, polite enough to ask, even if they don't need to do so under the aforementioned Creative Commons.

This is the photo of Quill.

Quillan Poses2

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They just don't seem to learn. Photobucket is now a dreadful user unfriendly mess of a site.

It's the iphone effect. Someone on the radio said yesterday that over 40% of people only connect to the internet by iphone. (Part of a piece that suggested that people who couldn't afford their smartphone bills should be helped by the government because they were being deprived of the social contact - it wasn't the government that was suggesting this, obviously. I have never heard a phone-in response so united in opposition to this notion.

Sigh :o(

Some of us still use real cameras!

People keep telling me how wonderful my pics are. I'm not a genius photographer, I just use decent kit.

Not rocket science is it? But then I prefer hi fi to iPod thingies any day- people are not only forgetting how to listen and write, they're forgetting how to see............

I do not own a smartphone. I have a little pay as you go mobile phone.

I do not own a tablet or an e-reader.

Currently, I am very tempted by the new Sony compact camera which has a x30 telephoto, but am waiting for a similar Lumix. I just wish that Pentax would make a DSLR as good as my old SF-7.

Nor I and likewise just a standard mobile-no web function.

No tablet and no e reader either.

Mine's a Sony A290 DSLR with a macro/micro lens and it is really excellent.

I have a Pentax DSLR which is now some years old. I may go for a new body at some stage...

I am convinced that they're trying to make Flickr look more like either Tumblr or Pinterest -- I can't quite figure out which. But the upshot is that they're losing their core audience, which is the people who liked Flickr the way it was. People who want Tumblr or Pinterest will *gasp* go and get accounts there.

Yes! LJ is going out of its way to look like Facebook (facebookski?) which is why I now base on DW and x post.

If I wanted FB I'd go there.

I would defend the coders on Tumblr - I have an account for looking at pretty pictures and following some fanficcers and it is pretty instinctive on the top level. My layout is nice and simple (and not so different from my LJ) on both my homepage and my dashboard - and is, of course, customisable! If people were sensible the search-by-tag system would be better than it actually is... sigh.

I view my flickr page via the 'edit' function, which gives you something like what it used to be, though without the views of sets. I was offered the 'new experience' when looking at a single photo, and tried it, and loathed it. ALL you can see is the photo. No information about it or anything. What use is that? So I went back to the previous style ASAP.

After the last crap-up, I bookmarked several alternative photo-storage sites.

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