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Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Tumblr is full of this, LJ and Dreamwidth not quite so much.

First trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier under the cut. It looks like this one may actually be a lot, lot better than the last one. But it is always better to have Cap in the present than go with riffs on the Origin story. It may be a little too early to grab the titular comics storyline (or part of the titular comics storyline) that they have done, but some of this is very cool. Which is kind of a surprise. Like their version of the Falcon in particular. (Not a spoiler - he's been on the cast list like forever.)

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It just looks sooooo awesome. Though to be fair that's what I thought watching the IM 3 trailer so we'll see.

Well, I did have some nagging doubts about IM3, particularly that Rhodey would be wearing the Iron Patriot armour and that there was an element of throwing in everything but the kitchen sink, but firmly dismissed them on the grounds that surely RDJ wouldn't let them ruin the IM franchise. I was wrong. It was a dog's breakfast of an IM movie.

I shall watch The Dark World, which also looks good, in hope. If it turns out to be awful, I will be very uneasy about this movie...

Have you seen the Dark World trailer where Thor and Loki play flying a spaceship at ground level for laughs? It minds me of the pod race in Phantom Menace.


Yes. It does not have the best dialogue either, though I am very fond of the moment in the trailer where Jane slaps Loki.

I am going to need a seriously good explanation of why a completely forgettable character from the last movie who was last seen falling off a bridge out of a moving train in the middle of nowhere is still alive in modern day.

Maybe they'll have a decent explanation. To be frank, like the last movie, it's looking like they'd have been better off playing this for laughs. I still think the major selling point of the Marvel movies is that they are funny (which is why I like "Iron Man 3" because, if nothing else, it's the funniest of the lot of them).

I only know from comments that there is anyone in that trailer called Falcon. Not obvious from the trailer whether he's a goodie or a baddie, but I believe he's a goodie. Then again, it looked to me like Robert Redford character was a goodie too and apparently he's a baddie. And this 'Winter Soldier' figure looks like Bane in a much lower weight class.

Don't get me wrong, it's already looking head and shoulders above the last Captain America movie. But, by my reckoning, that's not a high bar to raise.

I could tell you the original reason why in the comics, and I think they will follow some, at least, of that. However, I am also sure the movie will explain it -- a comic book explanation, of course. The Black Widow may do most of the explaining, at least to Cap.

The very title The Winter Soldier told everyone who had anything to do with comics over the last ten years what this movie was going to be about (and, indeed, the director of Captain America: The First Avenger stated before that movie came out that he wanted to do this arc next), who the Winter Soldier is, and what he is. Barnes is one of the three major characters who were said, for over thirty years, to have died in comics and to have stayed dead. Only one, Spidey's Uncle Ben, still is dead. The other two are James Buchanan Barnes (sometime the Winter Soldier, and Captain America for a while) and the other is Jason Todd, the second Robin, is now also alive as the Red Hood.

As for the Falcon, he was one of the very first African American superheroes and has been Captain America's partner and good friend for many years.

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