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The weird places you go for research
clint natasha, budapest
I am writing a fanfic, damnit, and only myself (and my beta*) care very much about details outside MCU canon...

So far this chapter I have looked up:

the geography and roads in Seattle

the New York city climate in Fall and, in particular, whether sea fogs affect the city occasionally, with some pictures

first names and family naming conventions in Kenya and Tanzania, with greeting customs

whether Permanent Representatives at the UN are in fact ambassadors (answer: it's complicated)

the full names of the states of Kenya and Tanzania (though I am going with Tanganyika just to make it clear the MCU is a little different)

the proper term for 'kung fu' and, this a recheck, information about the Sykes-Fairbourn fighting methods and the location of Mr Sykes and Mr Fairbourn in 1942/3

and the exact wording of the dead parrot sketch.

*My beta is as anal about this (and grammar and punctuation) as I am, and can be relied on to pick me up every time I don't actually look up something and rely on my memory. *sigh*

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ObCopyeditor: Since you're being anal -- Fairbairn, not Fairbourn.

WEB Griffin mentions him in several of his books about the Marines, though he apparently couldn't remember if his fictional main character had met Fairbairn or not.

Thank you. You're right, of course.

Luckily, Fairbairn is used once (and spelled correctly(!)) in my manuscript. He wasn't in Britain in the years I'm looking at. Sykes, however, was.

Spell checkers were invented for me...

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