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...er... Joss...
I am finding the current Agents of SHIELD episode hilarious. Not intentionally hilarious, mind you.

Yes, I know it's an alternate universe, but really, poor little Malta, holiday island, member of the EU and the Eurozone, currently trying to deal with vast numbers of migrants in a totally humane fashion and yelling for help... apparently doesn't allow SHIELD to operate (in which case SHIELD must be barred from the whole of the EU, including the UK), and won't allow anyone to interfere (hey, EU member!) and harbours international criminals. This is definitely an AU Malta. With AU geography. (One remembers the mountains in Essex... in, what was it, Sanctuary?

Later: SHIELD doesn't break international laws????? This is not the SHIELD I know!)
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Malta was amused enough about it to print an article in Malta Today. Apparently any advertising is good advertising ...

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