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Over the rickety-rackety bridge
Before everyone gets upset (and they will) about the story going the rounds that someone's LJ has been banned for 'gay' content by our Russian overlords, they might like to read this

and this

before panicking.

Though copperbadge's advice will never cease to be relevant.
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It's a troll and an unpleasant, anti Russian one, but that doesn't mean that backing up onto DW isn't a good idea- the Russian government doesn't have any leverage there.

Perhaps time for a shedload of pro gay and gay positive posts to test the water?

Edited at 2013-10-08 02:58 pm (UTC)

I see gay-positive posts regularly on my flist and haven't heard of anyone having trouble on that. On the other hand, I know someone who was banned from LJ on the basis of a rule apparently made up on the spot.

Like most trolls, this one relies on possibilities to have an effect and given the Russian government's leverage with LJ and their recent nastly legislation it's the sort of thing one might just not be surprised by.

My own blog makes plain in the intro that: 'anyone of any gender (or none or at any point on the spectrum), sexuality (or none), relationship style (or none) race, creed (or none) colour, neurotype or level of physical or mental ability' is welcome (and they come and I've had no problems. :o)

That said, I'm DW based these days and x post, just popping by to comment on friends' posts but that's down to LJ's continuing style idiocies and 'improvements' and general lack of reliability which is another story altogether!

Though it must also be pointed out that the DDOS attacks on LJ appear to come mainly from the Russian Government, so I don't think that the Russian side of LJ is particularly government friendly.

It isn't, which is why so many Cyrillic users who are pro democracy hang on in there and why I continue to try to support LJ even though it's now almost impossible for me to use most of the time. The pro freedom, pro democracy discourse on LJ scares the shit out of Uncle Vlad and Co and that's no bad thing- they represent no one except the ex apparat and the godfathers!

Agreed! I feel pretty much the same. The DdoS attacks and other things are a pain, but I stick with them because of that.

LJ has been impossible for me this morning but I'll hang on in for the same reasons. As a 17th century specialist historian by profession I know way too much about tyrants to be comfortable with the likes of Vlad the Impaler.

Under Our Russian Masters or Our Californian Masters? Just interested.

Well, colour me not in the least bit suprised... Thanks for the links anyway.

Far as I know, it's bullshit from a pretty well-known wanker - they've been discussing it on Failfandom_anon.

I do back up to DW every so often, though most of my fic is posted direct to Denial (but I always keep a copy of all fic on my PC anyway).

Edited at 2013-10-08 02:59 pm (UTC)

I back up on DW as well, and did take the opportunity of doing one last night, and as an experiment, we took a modly decision to back up Denial fully as well, because of the amount of directly posted fic and graphics we have. The main import succeeded but the comment import failed. It seems to be a known issue at the moment, but I have raised a support ticket as the FAQs advise. So we are pretty much safe.

But having said that, I think it's pretty clear the rumour is bullshit from a known drama queen.

The comm back-up facility is a great thing on DreamWidth. I know we do sometimes criticise DW for various things, but that is one decision I'm pleased they made.

I must do another back-up soon, too.

I don't think there's much wrong with Dreamwidth, although some of its fans can be a bit too anti-LJ for my taste, it's just that for me there's no fandom activity in areas that interest me, and most of my friends are still on LJ.

The backup facility is very good, and it's great that we can back up comms as well.

I don't do fandoms or Comms, and as I just blog- about history, politics, books, minority rights, poetry, music, photography, life, the universe and everything, I do find DW nicer to use, so I x post from there and in the process, have also picked up an additional flist on top of those who double up, which is nice.

It's much like LJ used to be before all the 'improvements' to make it handle like 'facebookski'- If I really wanted FB, I'd go there........

Yep, that's the conclusion Bigtitch, Munchkin and I reached today after some ferreting around for info.

But as part of it, we took a modly decision to back up anyway, because of the amount of directly posted stuff we have, as Reggie has mentioned below. It seemed sensible, in any event.

It really surprised me that people were taking the poster's word as fact. So much of her story is just blatantly ridiculous.

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