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Reviews of 'Agents of Shield' that express my feeling better than I did!
clint sliding
There were aspects of 'Agents of SHIELD' that I felt uneasy about but couldn't be bothered to articulate or find evidence for, particularly as it might mean watching the pilot again.

However, at least two people have done it for me.



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The author hoped for a "taught, tense, action-drama." Reviews that complain about bad writing should always be proofread an extra time or two.


Though as that particular author is best known in media fandom for the mediaavengers tumblr, which guys gossip magazines using characters from the Marvel movies, he/she might have been overly influenced by his/her source material.

I was thinking of giving that a try; maybe I won't after all :-(

Loads of people are squeeing about it.

Just not me, Ina, and these commentators.

Not that many of the squeers are very analytical...

Possibly they're squeeing more over what they think they saw that what's actually there. I imagine it will have pleased a lot of Coulson fans.

Pilots aren't always representative, so it could improve.

I have to say, I never quite understood the huge squee over Coulson...

I liked the fact that fandom picked up the 'boring guy in a suit' and made him a major character and slashed him with Hawkeye. And then that pairing went pretty nuclear. So the squee over his survival is understandable. It's nice when fans get something they want, for a change, despite the probably valid arguments that it wasn't the right thing to do, but I still liked it.

I just never quite gathered why</> they decided to pick the boring guy in the suit - he seems to have made no impression on me at all when I watched IM1. As I said to Lil, I need to watched The Avengers as well. Though I do think it's cool that it happened.

I'm not sure, either. I'd only really seen him in the Avengers movie. But when I went looking for Hawkeye fic, I found him paired masses with Coulson and gradually got on borad with the idea, and teh characters, and then on a rewatch, I liked him a lot. I just love the way a lotally way out pairing became practically mainstream. It reminded me a bit of us woth Ryan.

A lot of it was due to the Toasterverse, which introduced the pairing before it was popular. (There are a fair number of Steve/Coulson fics out there, and Coulson/Fury, Coulson/Natasha and Coulson/Maria. I have seen him paired with Tony, too, but not, so far, with Thor. Of course, as I rarely read outside my own OTP, this may not be representative...)

It isn't really a way out pairing. Coulson was giving orders to Clint in Thor and they were bantering then. Also, Coulson is totally badass in one of the shorts that came on the DVDs, and he is Clint's handler in one of the tie-in comics.

I suspect that a lot of fans who came in on teh back of Avengers Assemble simply weren't aware of the back story from the comics or even the earlier movies, which is why it took me a bit by surprise.

I certainly enjoyed Toasterverse and some of teh other fics for the pairing.

Apart from recs I've had from you, I;ve not read a huge amoount of Avengers fic. If I;m reading fanfic outside Primeval, I tend to pick long fics and settle in for a nice long ride if I like them, but there's such a mass of stuff that unless it's recced by someone I trust, I just don;t go there any more.

I have something like 300-odd fics bookmarked on AO3, for various reasons, and there are some brilliant writers. However, these are not by any means all MCU, and the seminal stories in the fandom and some of the best new ones are based on the various comics universes or the two well-loved cartoon series (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Avengers Assemble - both of which appeared after some of the MCU films.) There are over a dozen writers who are a guarantee of quality - but not all of them even attempt MCU or MCU AU. And many writers who started in the MCU are now writing comics/cartoon based fic.

What makes it even worse is that fanon of the MCU has drawn heavily on the comics. The fans know that in the comic Edwin Jarvis, the Avengers butler, is a real person, and fanon has it that, as in the comics, he was one of the few stable parts of Tony's childhood, and presume that JARVIS is named after him. Likewise, the insistence of fanon that everyone lives together in Avengers Tower (or the Avengers Mansion - which doesn't appear in the MCU) is down to the fact that many Avengers have based themselves in either (or, currently, both) over the years. Favourite members of the Avengers from the comics or cartoons - Hank Pym, Jan Van Dyne, Wanda Maximoff, Wolverine, Spider-man, Carol Danvers, Hank McCoy, among others - are introduced, sometimes without explanation or description. It does make life difficult. With long stories you can and should work in descriptions or explanations - with really short stories, you tend to use shortcuts and assume that everyone knows what you're talking about.

Then, of course, some things are named the same in all the universes but operate differently. However, introducing, say, extremis, means that the fan-writers will assume that it will have the same effect on Tony as it did in the comic books, which may not be true at all...

The weight of history behind the Marvel stuff makes it difficult for a relative newbie to approach. It's certainly not an area I;d dare write in!

Though a full watch of all of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes will actually give you an excellent background to elements common to many aspects of the Marvel Multiverse and to its heroes and villains (though only a few of the mutant characters appear. I think Wolverine does...)

It's one of the most interesting things about fandom, how that can sometimes happen out of nowhere.

It's not just Coulson's appearance in IM1. It's his continual appearance. "Iron Man 2" was seen as a pretty big disappointment while the movies "Thor" and "Captain America" received mixed opinions with few people being wholly satisfied by either of them and there being sharp differences in who liked which one better. However, in "Iron Man 2" and "Thor" Coulson became really intriguing as this figure who keeps showing up as the face of "S.H.I.E.L.D." and remaining unphased by the extraordinary things he saw.

Agent Coulson was impressive because he was the one consistent face in the movie series. (He is missing from "The Incredible Hulk" and "Captain America", but asides from that he's a pretty consistent face.) And he was distinctive because, while all the other characters were either being fantastical heroes or gasping at the sight of fantastical heroes, he was just calm, collected and gave the impression that he was busily pulling strings in the background. That cannot help but be intriguing.

(In a way Doctor Who has the same appeal. This guy who slips into the setting out of nowhere, seems out of place and yet seems to be able to handle things way too well - like he must know more than he's letting on.)

That makes it a lot clearer, thanks :-) I've not seen Thor (yet), but I did watch Captain America, which perhaps is why I didn't pick up on the reasons behind a lot of his popularity.

Coulson is wonderful in IM1 and The Avengers because of his ultimate cool. Not so much in the other movies. He is not sympathetic at all in Thor, in my opinion.

I've only seen IM1, so perhaps that's why he passed me by. I must get around to Thor and the Avengers at some point.

Indeed. For my money, Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers/Avengers Assemble are by far the best of the MCU.

If you are going to watch that many I'm inclined to say that "Iron Man 2" is worth including too. I loved the Black Widow fight (even if she is only taking down security guards), I loved Mickey Rourke's performance and his back-and-forth with Same Rockwell (even if his actual confrontations with Iron Man are a little anti-climactic), and while the references to the Avengers movie series felt distracting when The Avengers was still just a pipe dream, it's a lot cooler now.

Also I thought Iron Man 3 was the best film yet. But I realise I'm in a minority on that one. :)

Oh, I've seen them all several times. (I write Avengers fan fiction.) I have problems with The Incredible Hulk (boring) and Captain America: the First Avenger (great cast, some dubious plot choices and far too many bloody 'references' in an origin story often best told in half a dozen panels in a comic book) but I thought Thor made a very decent stab at a property that was always going to be problematic - and made some correct choices.

I enjoy a lot of Iron Man 2 (again, a movie with a great cast, though inadequate villains and a rather boring and far too long finale.) However, I have deep problems with Iron Man 3, some of which is personal prejudice (Christmas story, cute kid) and some of which is in the characterisation, a plot which does not make sense (particularly the rushed and dismal wrap up after the ridiculous battle) the wasting of a great villain (the Mandarin) and the highly ambiguous Maya Hansen. Her downplaying in this version and the promotion of a character who died (by his own hand) half a dozen pages into the comic book on which this is partly based, and the tying of Pepper to metaphorical railway tracks for half the movie (particularly after teasing us with pictures that hinted at her super hero comics role as Rescue) had me rapidly siding with complaints about the downplaying of women.

Likewise, the painting of War Machine in the Iron Patriot colours was totally unnecessary, and blocked its possible use -- though not, obviously, worn by Norman Osborn who belongs to Sony who own Spider-man -- in a possible future Avengers movie.

As for the characterisation of Tony, compared with the other movies -- and all of his characterisations elsewhere - well it made me angry. Then there was the ruination of a classic comic book with the removal of the political themes that made it great.

And this is why I have not reviewed it. It makes me angry. I thought it pretty bland while watching it, but the more I've thought about it since, the more annoyed I get.

What's an LMD?

I liked it for 'switch your brain off' telly. I don't know the comic verse so most of teh references largely passed me by.

Tony, at the start of The Avengers:"You have reached the Life Model Decoy of Tony Stark."

This confirmed the existence in the movie verse of the LMDs - Life Model Decoys - android copies mainly of agents generally used to replace someone under threat of assassination.

Thanks, that's helpful. That's been confusing the hell out of me in all the reviews that haven't liked the pilot.

Probably in all the reviews that did, too!

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