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Life is full of little disappointments... (but no spoilers.)
thor polish hammer
I've been sorta keeping up with Marvel's not-a-reboot (Marvel!Now) mainly through collected editions and mainly Avengers related (though I have been following Bendis's 'All New X-Men' - a title which is a joke in itself as the mag features the original teenage team (Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Marvel Girl, Beast) brought to their future and our present by Hank McCoy).

I was, however, really looking forward to Warren Ellis's stand-alone Avengers miniseries, Endless Wartime. Ellis can be very up and down, but at his best he's a damn good writer. The preview pages were fun...

But the book is... not very good. It contains loads of my favourite characters:- Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, the Black Widow, Captain Marvel (with a guest appearance by Jarvis-the-human-Butler) plus Wolverine and the Hulk. However, For reasons best known to himself, Ellis is writing the characters as a sort of cross between 616 of ten years ago and misunderstood film characterisation, all intended to convey his message.

Furthermore, the art, by Mike McKone is awful. No one seems to have an expression and all look like bad CGI animations.

Best things about it are the villains and a couple of jokes, though those are also out of character. (And, Warren, just to note, Tony and Pepper are not lovers or in any way together in current 616... Pepper has too much sense. Just so you know.)

On the other hand, All New X-Men #15 is hilarious and I love the cartoony pencils by David Lafuente which are just right for this particular story.

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Oh, what a shame. I was looking forward to that, too.

It's typically Ellis to have a political message in view and to force the plot and characterisation into that message. (It's not a bad message, but I don't read superhero comic books for the political message. If it flows out of the story and the characters -- great. But this book ignores not just the present situation with these people (and in just about everyone's case - particularly Tony's, Steve's, Carol's and the Widow's - this is difficult enough - it ignores the continuing relationships between them. Carol's closeness to Tony and Steve, Thor's unshakable love for his 'brothers' and Tony's long-term hero worship of Steve, in favour of everyone being extremely touchy and snarky with each other.)

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