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Saw this movie on DVD. Stunning cast, all having fun. Plot - what there is of it - makes no sense. clichés all over the place and fails the Bechdel test big time -- and also includes one woman giving another the shovel speech, which I thought was something that only happened in fan fiction. Left me without any desire to read the graphic novel on which it is based.

Red 2 is said to be a lot worse. How they managed this is beyond me.
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It does pass the Bechdel test, A insists, in at least the explanation of what wet work is.

[She made me write this]

Blimey! Must have missed that in all the interrogations about sexual relations!

I enjoyed it hugely. Hee

Our DVD (bought for a few quid) is going directly on the 'pack it off to the charity shop' pile.

The shovel speech? One woman threatened to bury another if she hurt a third party?

It doesn't have to be a woman - just one person telling another "hurt my friend/relative and I'll make you pay," though you have the derivation right, I think. Though familiar with the trope, I hadn't heard the actual term myself until a few months ago. However, it's not something people do in real life - or not if they want to keep their friend/relative.

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The graphic novel is almost completely different.

And is more of a novelette than a novel - in order to release it in a TPB they had to combine it with Tokyo Storm Warning (a mecha vs monsters graphic novelette that Ellis wrote around the same time).

You do realise that "mecha vs monster" is not something that sells to me...

I wasn't trying to sell it to you - just give you more information :->

(The original comic of Red is a rather violent piece of work, without much of a sense of humour. A couple of interesting ideas, but nothing special.)

In other words, very Ellis. (Though he can write humour, which he seems to save for work for hire super-hero stuff.)

I thought Red was fun and would have gone to see Red2, but our local cinema never screened it on a Wednesday afternoon, which is my cinewatching time. H can't make evening shows. Going to see The Heat tomorrow.

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