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This has been an extraordinary year for butterflies around here. We are no experts and we have dogs, but we have seen Common Blues, Holly Blues, Large Whites, Small Whites, Orange Tips, Brimstones, Speckled Woods, Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Peacocks, Painted Ladies, Red Admirals, Small Skippers (or possibly Essex Skippers - they are very alike), White Admirals, Commas, Gatekeepers and, most recently, Clouded Yellows...

Clouded Yellow 1

And, unfortunately not photographed and therefore not immediately identifiable, a Fritillary of some kind, what was possibly a Small Heath, and, today, what I think was a Dingy Skipper.

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We are doing well on cabbage whites, common blues and brimstones.

Similarly here - though not so many Brimstones. We couldn't figure what the Clouded Yellows were until I managed to get a photo to compare on line.

My chalk hill blues (I'm a calkin so they're my particular faves :o) suffered badly from the poor start to the Summer although there've been red admirals in abundance.

Very few cinnabar moths this year which is such a shame.

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This may explain why there is more ragwort this year.

I've seen fewer Blues than last year, but I have Peacocks everywhere, though it's tapering off a bit now. The Small Tortoiseshells and Commas I've seen a few of, and the odd Meadow Brown, Ringling, Gatekeeper and possibly a Small Heath, plus the Orange Tips from earlier in the year. I think I've had more Whites, too.

Over the last week the place has been full of blues - either common or Holly, but they've all been in flight...

I just spotted what was probably a Holly Blue, and managed to get a couple of shots of it, but only with its wings half open, so not particularly good.

How pretty!

We've had loads of butterflies, too, and I'm planning the planting for next year with butterflies and bees in mind.

The bees love our lavender and we get Commas on the hop (one of their larval food plants.)

Yes, the lavender and buddleias are certainly well-favoured, and also the runner beans and courgettes and raspberries. I hadn't thought about growing hops...

Beware the rampage of the hop... On the other hand, if you've a shed you want to disguise...

Lovely photo! Here it seems to be mostly Small Whites and Peacocks -- we went walking over Totley Moss on Friday and there were Peacocks everywhere.

There are a lot of Small Whites around here at the moment too, but the Peacocks seem to be over.

Well done getting a shot of the Clouded Yellow, I've always found them way too flighty to get near enough. On the rare occasions when I actually see one and have a camera on me.

Had a Purple Hairstreak at eye level (rather than in the canopy) the other week but typically no camera. I seem to be very good at leaving it at home.

I envy you the Purple Hairstreak. I have yet to see/identify (let alone photograph) one, despite Hainault Forest being one of their important hold-outs. (It is mainly oak and hornbeam.)

I was lucky with the Clouded Yellow (and there were suddenly loads of them a couple of days last week.) The current populations of (generic) blue butterflies, however, are proving singularly unco-operative!

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