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Dogs Cooling Off
Bren adult
Our dogs are not keen on going in to water. I dare say Bren would be okay if he had the nerve, but he is a cautious dog and we don't encourage him. Draco hates water. This is not true of many of the dogs we meet on our walks. Here are three from the last week...

This is Albert the Bearded Collie in Fairlop Waters

Cooling Off

And this is Ralph the Labrador trying to fish a 'found' ball out of the Roding.

Ralph's Found a Ball

And this is Crackerjack, who we have known since he was a (large) puppy, and who is now one of the biggest St Bernards we have encountered, also in the Roding.

Cracker Cools Off

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I do like to see a happy labrador

He was barking at his owner, trying to get her to come in the water with him, but she had brand new bright orange sneakers and, as she put it, "No way."

Norty Lucy the spaniel, who belongs to my friend J, would spend half her life in water if allowed.

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Except, as your icon points out, tigers, jaguars, fishing cats, the Van breed of domestic cat and, no doubt, anything that lives in the jungle rather than the plains.

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