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Some twenty-odd years ago I bought a pair of Aigle lace-up jodpur boots. I wore them for some years for weekly riding lessons. A bit more than ten years ago I stopped riding after the death of my mother and a bout of mild depression and never started again. I have just had reason (a very kind offer from a friend to get back in the saddle for a walk and trot) to look out my riding gear. I knew my hat would be okay (it was quite new when put away and never took a knock) but I hate riding in anything but riding boots and had no idea where my old ones were.

Today I found them. The leather is still beautifully supple. Despite my going from a D to an E fitting in this period, they still fit well.

Aigle have a good rep. I am pleased to be able to add to it.

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Have fun on the ride. It's good that your boots still fit. I used to wear long rubber boots and some years ago I finally admitted that even if I did start riding again, I would never get the boots on, so out they went. :(

My calves are too wide to wear long boots - and were even when I was a lot, lot thinner than I am now!

I had a lovely pair of ankle-strap ones that were the most comfortable things in the world, worn not just for riding, but for mucking out, trailing down to the fields to catch muddy horses, walking out with the riding school kids on lead reins. My boots were very well worn in and soled and heeled many times. I wore them for about 10 years and then stopped riding. I must have put them away muddy - I certainly didn't give the leather the treatment it deserved - because some years later I realised it had cracked along the wear creases. Goodbye old boots.

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