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Still not seen Pacific Rim but I can read a cast list...
6 out of 56 credited characters are women. (One of those is an AI, one duplicated as a younger woman, one whose role is to be someone's mom. Make that four out of fifty six.)

Ethnicity is more difficult, but I count two people with any certainty who are not white. Out of 56. Even if I'm wrong, I doubt if it exceeds the female to male ratio.

Don't tell me this movie is more diverse than any other major blockbuster.

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I've heard it noticed that the most diverse blockbuster movie franchise at the moment is "Fast And The Furious".

Also, rather less important, but I'm not the one who made a point of tallying them off. You've miscounted the number of actresses. There are actually 9:
Rinko Kikuchi
Mana Ashida
Ellen McLain
Heather Doerksen
Victoria Marie
J.C. Kenny
Jane Watson
Mishu Vellani
Yiren Stark

Still not many out of 56, but if we are being accurate...

As for race, there are blatantly a much larger number of asian actors in that cast than there are actresses of any race in that cast. Admittedly only two of the main characters are non-white (but they are VERY IMPORTANT characters all the same, just as important as the lead actor).

The Wolverine seems to have an almost totally Asian cast with the exceptions of Jackman and (what are presumably flashbacks to) Fanke Jannsen. Of course, it has already be condemned as 'Orientalist' so, presumably, does not count...

"The Wolverine" is about one Canadian who goes to Japan.

Pacific Rim is about a group of people from all around the world who go to Hong Kong and spend most of their time there either on a military base or in the ocean.

But yeah, I'm not even trying to argue that "Pacific Rim" is an especially diverse film. I'm just arguing that it has a higher ratio of non-whites than it does of non-males.

I feel a little bit inclined to defend it just because the lead black male protagonist and lead female asian protagonist were so awesome and so much more interesting than the bland lead white male protagonist. Basically it's a Luke Skywalker situation in that Luke is the boring bland goody-two-shoes surrounded by much more interesting and nuanced characters.

I haven't seen it yet and can't say how good it was, but a lot of fangirls over on Tumblr fell for it in a big way and did the "you must go and see this movie and push the box office up because of its diversity so the suits will notice this and make more diverse movies" or a combination of these elements. I just want a little perspective here.

Oh, God, more people's 'Moms'.

As for ethnicity, I presume you mean the thugs. I was trying to ignore the oriental 'thugs.' *sigh*

Oh, God, more people's 'Moms'.

Well you said you were counting those amongst the 6 so you may as well count all of them.

I presume you mean the thugs.

For a moment then I was very confused because I thought you meant the Australians.

I'm not sure why it refers to them as "thugs" in the cast list, because they don't really act like thugs at all. Heck, they are staff in a herbal remedies shop (presuming I'm thinking of the right part of the film).

And yeah, I must have been more... er... inebriated than a thought when I was counting on IMDB.

I didn't click through on those without pictures whose names were ambiguous, which is how I missed J.C.Kenny. IMDB seems ignorant of anything about her, except that she's an 'actress' (I thought that term wasn't PC anymore) rather than an actor. Do you suppose she's a walk on by a relation of someone?

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