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DVD of the Evening
Watching Django Unchained. This is a great movie. It's exciting and funny and shocking and historically more accurate than most movies about this period, and the cinematography is gorgeous. The score, as always with Tarantino, is wonderfully apt.

Wish I'd had time to see it at the cinema.

Later - oh, and despite the wish-fulfillment revenge story, the actual depiction of American slavery is spot on.
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Oh, crap. And I'd vowed Tarantino would get no more of my money after Inglorious Basterds.

I quite liked Inglorious Basterds, though not as much as Reservoir Dogs and the first Kill Bill movie.

Or is that Inglourious Bastards?

I like this rather better than Inglorious Basterds - it's funnier.

I LOVED this movie, hyper-violence and all.

The only naff bit was Tarantino acting, which was risible. Otherwise, fabulous. Especially the giant tooth.

Quentin has never got over the delusion that he is Hitchcock...

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