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Bren adult
Six months ago I thought Bren would never do agility.

Today he did a perfect clear (admittedly on a course that suited him, without many complex turns) in training, and ran fast down lines of jumps. He is doing weaves on his own, at 17 months, and he only started doing them at all a few weeks back. He will never be really fast, never be really, really enthusiastic, but he works because I ask him to work, and he is starting to like it. He's still working below the height he will have to work at in competition, even in BAA where, because he is over 25 kilos, he can compete at midi, but that's okay. He is still very young.

In other news, we had defrosted some chipolita sausages for tonight's pasta. When we got home we couldn't find them - we still haven't, but the bag they were in, in pieces, was under Ina's bed. Our cats are looking smug.

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Well done, Bren!
The cats are clearly channelling Chaz's boys, since the latter are now on the other side of a big ocean.

I can do without them channelling Chaz's cats! At least mine don't swing from bags containing ducks -- possibly because we do not hang up bags containing ducks.

Yep looks like your cats had an early dinner. I recall when living in Hampstead a neighbour was amused (thankfully) when he saw a defrosted steak slide off counter guided by black paw.

Culprit was my Hamlet who often slept on their daughter's bed when I was out at work.

The really annoying thing was that I gave them their wet food just before I went out to agility, and I can't withhold the free-feed dry because I don't know which of the four ate the sausage and which didn't.

There were four sausages and four cats. I assume they had one each (are you suggesting that our cats are not fair sharers?) *g*

Basically, and being the one who normally feeds them, yes.

That's why they say defrost stuff in the fridge, innit? :o)

And here all along I thought that recommendation was for food freshness purposes, rather than food protection. :)

Supposedly - but because we take food out of the freezer in late morning (or, in this case, about 2pm) to eat in the evening, we normally put them in a cupboard and into the fridge once defrosted. (We don't have a microwave.)

It's a shame you don't have a microwave. I found it very useful as a cat proof temporary food store where I could leave things to defrost. Perhaps you could use the oven instead?

As we no longer have cats, it's not quite so important to shut food away, but it keeps food safe from flies.

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