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More photographs, mainly of dogs...
I see her Maj has just won the Gold Cup. By gum, though, there have been some great finishes at Ascot this week.

This morning we took the dogs down to Fairlop plain. This resulted in an excellent photo of Bren.

Bren Laughing

And a meeting with two lovely Siberian puppies.

Siberian Husky Puppies 2

But, by gum, I wouldn't like to be their owner in three or four months. They are going to drag her off her feet.

Siberian Husky Puppies 3

Nor will any small animal be safe. ("My neighbour keeps rabbits - well, used to keep rabbits," the owner of a Siberian team told me once.) Not that small animals are safe with Draco who, in combination with an excited and interested Bren, cornered a baby rabbit out by the back of the lake in Bedford's and had pretty much killed it by the time we got them off. Ina despatched it. The baby bunnies who loped across our path today were safe enough as we spotted them from a distance and put the monsters on lead.

I'd taken the camera expecting insects, but we spotted only one butterfly, though a satisfying number of bumble bees and such. Only one worthwhile shot, though.

Bee in Leaf Arch

Mainly, though, there were lots of boats.

Red Among the White

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Oh, lovely pix! The ones of the puppies have given me a much-needed smile. Those expressions are classic.

I adore Sibes. They are possibly my favourite dog of all time. But I also know just how difficult they are...

My next-door neighbours have one, and he's a gorgeous chap. But I suspect he doesn't get anywhere near enough exercise, as they are out at work all day. They seem to think they're in an episode of The Good Life, as they have chickens and two damn cockerels - which is a bit much for suburban Glos!

Hasn't Bren grown? And those puppies are lovely. Poor bunnies, though.

We were upset, but Bren herded it directly into Draco's jaws - and Draco has more kills to his name than any of our cats.

Great pictures!

Love the bee one.

Thank you. I am pleased with that shot.

Lovely pups! I see the owner has them in harnesses already, rather than just collars. In three or four months you may see them pulling her on a skateboard... *g*

Those puppies are gorgeous.

I've been photographing buttercup meadows and thinking of you...

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