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Saturday Agility
We went to Jumping Jacks agility on Saturday...

White makes the best contrast.

Where Next Boss?

Elsa on the Dog Walk

More photos on Flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/lilshepherd/sets/72157634157899491/

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They all look so happy!

Those are splendid: the expressions on the dog's faces are just lovely.

Working dogs are happy dogs.

Great action shots! Brith loves agility, but all his issues with other dogs and strange places mean that he can only do it in his own garden for fun.

Nice shots.

Is that a labradoodle in the first pic?

Almost certainly - either that or a very bad poodle! It's been clipped out, which is good in the summer. Labrdoodles and cockerpoos make excellent agility dogs, so long as they get the right temperament from the right side of the family...

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