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It's an extraordinary Spring (Summer being late...)
Have you ever seen a year like it for buttercups?

The Year of the Buttercup

Field of Gold

We have the first of the damselflies

Damsel Fly

And there are extraordinary numbers of orange tips (this one is a female.

Orange Tip Female

Orange Tip Female Underside

Bren and Draco are really enjoying the sunshine

Chase me!

Head High to the Flowers

And the landscape is, quite suddenly, breathtakingly beautiful...


Roding River Meanders

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They are everywhere this year, aren't they? Lovely.

Lovely photos! Nice to finally see a bit of sun.

It seems to have been an amazing year for wild flowers in general. It must be something to do with the very long winter delaying everything so all the flowers came in a rush.

But we seem very low on ox-eye daisies and clover. The odd one has been out for over a week, so you would expect the meadows to be full of them. They aren't.

Are they just late, like everything else? Otherwise perhaps it's because the weather pattern that has encouraged so many things to flower might not affect the ox-eye daisies in the same way?

I know that the Gardener's Question Time experts always say that to make plants bloom, you often have to stress them so they put their efforts into reproducing rather than just growing bigger and leafier. So all the wonderful flowers we have had recently could actually be a sign of collective panic on the part of the wild vegetation.

Gorgeous shots! I've just been out trying to take pictures of two goldfinches in a tree. Using my camera's zoom I did manage to get a few pictures where you can at least see that they're goldfinches, though you couldn't by any means call 'em 'good' photos :-D

Don't I know it.

On this set there are two photo that look like white blobs against the trees - a desperate attempt to take a photo of the egrets at long distance.

Much the same effect up on Eday in the Orkneys, but provided by marsh marigolds! :o)

We have marsh marigolds blooming for the first time ever besides on of the forest ponds.

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