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Victorian Cavalry
We went up to Audley End today for what they were calling a Victorian Fayre. There was lots of good stuff, of which more later, but the highlight for us was a demonstration of period cavalry drill and tent pegging. Got some reasonable photos too...


Four in Line

Rounding the Corner

At the Gallop

Tent Pegging 3

Lances Low

Full set on flickr at

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Excellent action shots! Was it a re-enactment group doing the cavalry stuff? They look very professional. It's years since I've seen tent pegging, but the Manchester and Salford Mounted Police always used to do it at the Manchester Flower Show when I still lived in Manchester back in the 1960s. I have no idea whether they still do that sort of thing.

Amateur re-enactors, I think. For this exercise they called themselves part of the Essex Yeomanry, who were, themselves, a volunteer force, sort of Home Guard-ish (this comparison was made.)

However, there are several groups of horsemen (and women) who provide cavalry for a number of eras, as required...

That's a very fine set of photos!

Two of those horses (the white and the solid black) look like they're drafters, or at least draft mixes. Did they say anything about the breeds they use?

They didn't say anything about the breeds or types, but the grey and the black are 'cob' (or 'vanner') types - multipurpose (ride and drive) animals. The grey is big enough (and his nose is Roman enough) for there to be Shire in his ancestry, perhaps close. If the rider also does armoured stuff from various periods he would be the right type to use for that. The black looks as if he might even be a Dales or Fell 'pony' or a Friesian or Friesian cross, which is, again, exactly the right type for armoured work. A lot of these people do quite a large number of periods and as this type of cavalry provided their own horses this is also right here.

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