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Swan Herding
Bren adult
Before you comment, may I say that Bren was over twenty feet behind the swan (he is not stupid) as you can see from their relative sizes. When he trotted off to take a look we did not expect him to try to herd it...

Bren Attempting to Herd a Swan

And he came back immediately after this one pass.

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Brave, brave collie! Be careful, Bren, they'll go you!

It is far from his first encounter with a swan, or, for that matter, with crowds of Canada Geese. He didn't get that close...

That is a great picture.

That's a great action shot. It seems that Bren has the collie herding instinct.

Oh, yes. Mainly, he herds us and Draco.

Cute shot, but I'm glad the dog was OK...

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