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Warning,Will Robinson!
tony iron man comic
I have just been to see Iron Man Three. I came out of the cinema mildly disappointed, unable to remember a single line, and somewhat irked, but the more I think about it, the more steam starts to come out of my ears. There will be a longer post to explain this, under a big SPOILER cut just as soon as I get my act together, as a continuation of how not to adapt (great) material for the screen.

It's not a really awful movie, but boy, it does waste its material.

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That's very much my reaction too. I was very disappointed. I mean, I didn't expect Iowa level of story telling but better than that. Not one I have any pull to see again and instead one I feel may well waste a chunk of the next Avengers movie fixing.

Though I do expect there to be another post movie snippets for the US market, if for no reason than that they are marketing Space Iron Man toys.

Disappointed Lissa is substantially disappointed.

I've noticed a distinct lack of squee, though it's not out on the States yet. I am also annoyed at the way Maya and Pepper were both wasted.

I can't help wondering if RDJ now has too much influence over the movie.

Oh, the Iron Man space armour - ugly, isn't it? - is out the latest Marvel!Now Iron Man 616 comics, which I must admit think hit Tony characterisation right on the button.

Anyhow, as far as writing goes, I've no intention of straying into phase 2 - just going off piste at the end of phase 1.

Sorry, but not being a comic reader therefore not having any preconceived ideas about the characters I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's not the characters - though there are problems there too, particularly in the treatment of the women (Maya is a much more complex and interesting character than portrayed here and they teased us with Pepper/Rescue but had her tied up for most of the story) - but the plot, which wasted the Mandarin by turning him into a silly figure of fun (while still remaining problematic) and completely ignored the ethical complexities and the sheer terror of Extremis as portrayed in Warren Ellis's short graphic novel and whose consequences are still affecting Iron Man to this day.

There was no jeopardy. At all.

Besides, it was a Christmas story with a cute kid. Ugh.

Oh, and the heart problems have a way of coming back. It's a very persistent trope.

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