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This is how we bath Draco
Draco has an awful habit of rolling in dead things or the most stinky poo he can find. Luckily, he isn't difficult to clean...

Showering Down
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Awwww! :o)

I've known a few dogs with this unfortunate (if fun- to them at least :o) habit!

I won't tell you what Bren does with poo unless we stop him...

Good thing he doesn't seem to mind showers. :)

It's fascinating the way he has to stand on his hind legs...

Awww. At least he's a good boy in the tub.

He knows better than to try to get away.

Having once had to bathe a rottie, it's my observation that dogs seem in general rather more resigned to being bathed than cats...

It's a while since we had to bathe our cats, but they get resigned to it too.

Ish is fairly resigned, but he's always been good about being handled. Moon is... well, she wriggles and grows extra limbs. Horus needs chain mail gauntlets.

Well, Horus is in the right place for chain mail gauntlets.

How do you fit them on him?

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