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April had been cruel - until this lunchtime.
Current news that Margaret Thatcher has died has been greeted on my facebook flist with such comments as "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" (in half a dozen places) and "Thank God the bitch has gone!" and "There is a God..." and "Good bloody riddance!"

I am afraid my own was "Good!" and to wonder if anyone/everyone on flick's death list game had her and how many points they get.

And a final word from another of my flist

"The question now is whether TPTB are fool enough to try to make anything large and public about her passing.

I hope not. I really hope not. It may become more large and public than they want."

May go and find out what's trending on Twitter.

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You make me very much want to know exactly what Iain Banks is thinking now.

Must admit the news cheered me enormously...

I just bought an MP3 of Elvis Costello's "Tramp the Dirt Down". I rather like the idea of it becoming number 1 by the end of the week. (Not EC's best track, but I always enjoyed the sentiment.)

I've already seen it twice on Facebook.

That's a point for me in the game.

The sad thing, though, is that people find annoying women more annoying than (equally) annoying men (cf. less dancing on Reagan's grave). Which is unfair.


Though Reagan was not President of my country, while I endured Thatcher for far too long. (And I did make rude comments about him, just not in public at that point.)

Or the dancing on Reagan's grave was less personally disrespectful to him.

Personally, I was just as glad to see the back of him (though less personally invested in it as I'm not American - but I had put up with life in the UK under Thatcher - so much so that I actually buggered off to Europe for 10 years). I like to think there's a special hell reserved for the pair of 'em to be honest...

Are there still many people over there who worship Thatcher the way Reagan is worshiped here? Because our right wing has him propped up as a figurehead behind which to push all sorts of things that Reagan himself would never have supported (based on his public statements). And because nobody here looks at history, they get away with it.

Short answer is 'Yes, mainly in the government.'

Reaganomics is a religion here (except among those who disliked Reagan of course). To be honest, though, I haven't been to the U.K., so I have no idea what the general feelings toward Margaret Thatcher are there, so I guess my comparison was flawed from the start...

I am hoping that though TPTB in Westminster might be stupid, the police and security services are not completely stupid and know full well what a state funeral would mean in terms of security. It certainly wouldn't convey any image of a uniting national figure...

Comment from elseNet to the effect that #NowThatcherIsDead is trending on Twitter -- only it's typed without caps, and thus has been upsetting some Cher fans. :-)

I am really disgusted by some of the celebratory comments I've seen.

You didn't live through her 'reign' here. Thatcher was one of the most hated figures in 20th Century Britain, and the hagiography has already started in the media as we all knew it would.

We will speak ill of the dead.

As someone wrote yesterday, we didn't see anyone objecting to the nasty comments about Hugo Chavez all over the media. I am no fan of Chavez, but what's sauce for the goose...

Edited at 2013-04-09 05:33 am (UTC)

Oh! That was me! :-)

I'm treading eggshells hoping that my Muses aren't going to require a song of me on this... it's something I really don't want to write.

Yes, I did my growing up under her reign as well. I won't be mourning.

I knew who I grabbed it from, of course, but wasn't sure if you wanted to be identified - considering the reaction to posts that expressed anything less than sorrow at Maggie's death were getting from some quarters.

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