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Home Again
Had a lovely time in Yorkshire and at the Eastercon. Congrats to Juliet, Kari, Phil, Sue, Simon, Sian (the only one I don't know personally) and Steve. Also to Edward and Tony (for the history lectures) and Henry Gee (for the hilarious insight into Nature.) Most of all, to Mike Abbott, Hero. I had a great time on the panels you arranged for me.

I may blog some more about this.

I'm not sure I'm thanking Farah, who cornered us on the first day and we suddenly found ourselves doing an exhibit (at the very least - the rest is still problematic but we'll do our best) for Loncon.

Spent a lot of time cuddling Russian Blues.

The drive back, though, was interrupted by the radio with the dreadful news about Iain Banks...

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Oh dear. That is sad news about Iain Banks. :(

The whole SF community in this country and the US is shaken. He was to be GoH at next year's Worldcon in London...

Welcome back.

Just in time for us to vanish to Scotland! :o)

Have a great time north of the border.

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