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Ina has just said, "We need something mindless," and has put an episode of All Gas and Gaiters on the DVD player. It bothers me that I feel sorry for the Dean...

The reason we need something mindless is that, prior to the Eastercon, we are cleaning the house prior to the arrival of the cat sitter, getting everything prepared for the dogs to go into kennels (complicated by the need to see to their current medication and food) and washing, ironing and packing the stuff that we need both for the con and for our visit to our friend Pamela, who we are imposing on.

Then I really have to finish making notes for the two panels I'm on.

Talking of the dogs' medication, Draco is on eyedrops and, after putting these in at 5:30 this morning, when lunchtime came I couldn't find them. I had, in fact, put the on the shelf in the wrong cupboard. At one stage I was sure a dog had eaten the vial. (I am not at my best when woken at 4am, by either dogs or cats. I am rather looking forward to a week where THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN.)

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I've had to drop out of the superhero film panel because all my panels were back to back on Friday and at the time the film panel was running I had to be meeting the Zulus to prep them for their panel.

BTW after a slight thaw today the main roads are clear. Unless it dumps more snow down you won't have a problem on Wednesday. See you at Eastercon.

I am a little worried about the road up to where Pamela lives, which is both steep and unadopted, but am hoping the other residents will have, at least, driven on it enough to make ruts. (It's at the back of Ilkley Moor - which we have walked across to Ilkley and ridden across in the past.)

Am looking forward to seeing the Zulu performance. I am sure they will be wonderful.

Will miss your input on the superhero film panel, but such is life...

See you there.

Spring in the air yourself, Archdeacon!

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