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So much for electing a scandal free pope to clean up the church.
When I heard who had been elected, I knew I'd read something about the role of the Catholic clergy in the 'disappearance' of Argentine opponents of the dictatorship if the Generals.

A quick Google found this...


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Given the church's tendency to play politics of various kinds, I'd be quite surprised if there was a cardinal who hadn't been involved in a scandal of some kind at some point.

Well, not among those appointed by JP II and Bennie! (The most prominent sex abuse scandal in Argentina dates to 1994 -- though it was a large one and within a seminary -- so unless there were Jesuits involved (Bergoglio was then head of the Jesuits in Argentina) he is not tied to that.

However, it is accepted that the cover-up has been much more effective in South America and Asia.

But as your original post highlights, sex abuse is far from the only scandal the church has managed to get itself embroiled in.

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