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Oooooh, classy.
Yesterday, over on Facebook, I was invited to sign a petition for the reburial of Richard III at York (a 'cause' that has me ROTFLOL because, you know, I really don't care) that began, "I respectfully demand..." Apart from the fact that this smacks of "With all due respect..." (i.e. none) if I received that it would be binned at once.

I haven't been following this story, and so this BBC report, posted on the 12th March, passed me by.


Abusive letters sent to York Minster because they support -- as they must -- Leicester's plans. I do hope the Richard III Society is not behind those, particularly as I have good friends who are members.

What's more, Leicester are talking about a simple slab, which has, you know, to be better than the OTT plans of the Richard III Society.

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The 'Dick Heads' can be very strange people.

My historian's (and republican's) view tends to be guilty as charged but still deserving of a decent burial so stop faffing about and get it done, already!


And I say that as a convinced atheist and a Yorkshirewoman born and bred.

Talking of just a simple slab, it works well for Vaclav IV (Wenceslas of Bohemia) in Prague and this was a similar reburial.

Just rolls eyes at it all.

Full of charm, wit and politesse, some people.

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