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The weather and other things....
lonely winter
By gum, it's cold! I was wearing my thermal hat (bought from a winter sports shop when I was still working - Covent Garden is full of them) and the scarf Ina's sister bought me a couple of Christmases back, woolly socks, lined boots, a wind and waterproof Land's End fleece, a cardigan, trousers, a t-shirt and gloves and I was still freezing. I envy Bren, who never seems to feel the cold, with his weatherproof coat.

At least we had only a scattering of snow, which is now all gone.

I have lots and lots of things to do, including making notes for the two panels I am doing at Eastercon, and letting Ina bounce ideas off me for the one she's on, and four stories I'm working on, and some DIY and de-cluttering and shopping (I don't think the two comic book collections I ordered this morning count with that!)

So, what did I do? Watched the racing from the Cheltenham Festival and shortened a pair of cord trousers. (My legs are so short that both Sainsburys' and M&S 'short' length has to be shortened still more. So I do, occasionally, buy longer trousers in the sales because I'm going to have to shorten them anyway.)