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Bren adult
So it was finally the Petit Basset's year. I have loved this bitch since I saw her take reserve BIS at Crufts two years ago. She owned the ring tonight. The Lab was a nice dog. I know this is my prejudice but I do cheer when a short docked dog gets ignored - and the Australian Shepherd was.

I do wish Channel 4 would show something outside the flyball, agility and heelwork to music. I know the 'Friends for Life' is a charity, but, God, it gets boring.

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I didn't realise they were still able to show docked dogs.

The basset looked a very lovely dog.

Docking was banned sixish years ago, so dogs older than that an still be shown docked, and they are allowed to show foreign docked dogs where it is allowed locally. Also, working gun dogs can still be docked, something I want stopped.

It is noticeable that the owner of the so-called 'Australian Sheepdog' (no one has had the nerve to bring in the so-called 'English Sheepdog' - both breeds being American in origin) used to breed Old English Sheepdogs, all of which now have tails and look wonderful with it. (And OES breeders used to claim that undocked dogs would be subject to fly strike, despite those breeders who did not dock their OESs pointing out that they never got fly strike.) I also suspect heavy use of chalk on the white parts of the Aussie.

Interestingly, you can't show imported docked (or nicked) horses, which probably explains the tiny numbers of Saddlebreds and Tennessee Walking Horses in this country.

Stupid regulations. If it's banned, you shouldn't be able to show them, either!

And yes, a ban means a ban, no bloody exceptions.

The law says that no dog can be docked in this country except by a vet, and that it can only be done therapeutically or in certain specified cases of working gun dogs. (The theory being that dogs who work heavy undergrowth damage their tails.) It does not say that docked (or, indeed, cropped) dogs cannot be imported or used for breeding purposes, and, in order to encourage overseas entrants, the KC does not ban from competition dogs that were docked before the ban came in or foreign dogs.

Cropped dogs cannot be shown but can be imported. (Indeed, I have met a couple of Spanish Mastiffs being walked in the woods who are imported cropped.)

I was glad they'd gone for those two - both absolutely lovely dogs with so much character.

I loved the Bernie, but he wasn't showing well - plainly tired.

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