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This is a typical pile of DVDs - most viewed recently or needed for reference.

Video Pile
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OMG Tales of the Gold Monkey!!! I used to watch that show when I was a kid. I had the hugest crush on Stephen Collins. In fact, I'm pretty sure his malaria in that show was what started my lifelong kink for hot guys getting sick and sweaty and delirious with fever.

Wow. I'm just sitting here stunned. I've never known anyone else who ever watched that show before. :-D

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If you go to my home page on AO3 you will see there is a 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' story listed.

Ina is also a fan, as is themis1. There are probably others on my flist. What I loved about it was that it was always logical on its own terms....

I remember Tales of the Gold Monkey, too. It was loads of fun :-)

It was by far the best of the Indy rip-offs that followed the first movie.

I've got precisely one of those - assuming those are not the Branagh Wallanders at the bottom of the pile?

Of course, I could try to make you guess which one ...

Of course they aren't the Branagh Wallenders... We have a fondness for great continental TV series.

The only reason that Inspector Montalbano is not on the pile is that it's on the table beside me.

Also, I note that you have exposed Draco's habit of chewing all our DVD controllers.

Indeed; one wouldn't want to be caught watching an inferior British product, after all.

Oooh, snarky. I don't think the Branagh versions capture the sheer Swedish gloom of the originals.

My, what a lot of Marvel movies :-)

(Deleted comment)
The pair collect the whole lot. It's wonderfully miserable.

The only one of those DVDs we have is Brave, which I bought for G for Christmas because we never managed to see it in the cinema. However, we did watch the whole Wallander series when it was broadcast on BBC4. In fact I did have the idea of buying the DVDs and learning Swedish, just for the fun of it, but I haven't got around to it yet.

I quite liked Brave, though if I were Scottish I might object to some Braveheartish stereotypes. I'm not the greatest of Pixar fans (I'm more a Miyazaki person) but I think this is my third favourite of theirs after Up! and The Incredibles., both of which I adore.

We also saw Wallander on BBC4 first, but then we tend to buy TV series we've seen and films we haven't seen at the cinema (unless we adore them, in which case we buy them anyway.) The only one of those we saw at the cinema were the Marvel ones.

As a die hard TOGM fan (and there's a cross I don't really want to think about too much!) I'll raise you a glass of Louie's finest cognac in salute. Or possibly a cold beer, if I can pry it from Corky's hands! *g*

The potential cross over that does occur to me, looking at your pile, is a TOGM/Captain America, with the possibility of Princess Kogi double crossing Hydra agents, Corky demonstrating to Howard Stark how the Goose can fly rings around anything if you just hit the engines in the right place with a wrench, Bucky winning Jack's eye in a gambling game (and Jake subsequently grabbing every opportunity and bet to win it back,) and Sarah trying hard not to swoon every time Steve walks into the room ...

Die, plot bunnies, die!

Though it would cross very nicely with the Marvel Noir series - as did Indiana Jones. (Sniggers. That plot bunnie was Ina's fault. I blame her.)

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