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Bugger, they've taken away the old posting option!
Bren adult
But this is supposed to take HTML. We'll see.

Yesterday was Bren's first agility class for what seems like ages. His castration scar and his cut pad are both now healed, but he is still not enthused by agility -- or, at least, by fences. However last night he did an hour's very decent work, half off lead and half on it. He loves the dog walk and is excellent on it, not going too fast. He can deal with tunnels, though he doesn't like doing them dragging his lead. He can jump anything, but would prefer to jump when chasing other dogs (as he did at least once.) There are two new dogs in this new-style class (where the ring is split into two and you can turn up and work as long as you like over 1 and half hours. With the splitting of the class it also means that the trainers can give you more attention. Cathy managed to get some enthusiasm out of Bren, which was great. He actually seemed to enjoy himself for about an hour, then we pulled out and watched Ina and Draco, who were going great guns. They will compete again this season.

Today was the making of marmalade. Well, of one third of the oranges boiled and bottled so far. Ina got into a panic about the amount of sugar needed, so much more than for jam, which is normally high in natural sugars if not pectin. I am taking photos of the process, but was too busy with the rack of lamb to photograph the bottling.

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I'm not looking forward to the day when they force the new look friends page on everyone. That will really piss me off as I loathe the new look. It's far too big and sprawling.

I saw my aunt make jam once and the amount of sugar as staggering!

You have to dissolve three pounds of sugar in two pints of liquid... in volume nearly three times as much sugar as there is orange liquid. And the result is still sharp!

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