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So, the Pope is resigning. At least he has the decency to resign so that we can say what we think without speaking "ill of the dead." Not that this normally stops me.

I hope the Catholic church has better luck with its choice of the next Pontiff, but I really doubt it. On one hand it seems that there can't be any worse scandals than those that Benedict has tried to cover up, either in this post or as head of what used to be called the Inquisition (change of name hasn't changed its purpose, just its power level) while on the other hand there are rumours circulating and papers passed clandestinely to the press.

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I think makes him the first since Celestine V in the 13th century and even he was, if you like, 'persuaded' that it might be a good idea to step down- a man of exemplary holiness but an awful Pope!

Oh, and hippo birdy two ewes! :o)

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Thank you.

In a way I'm sorry Benedict is going - he was such an easy target!

I rather suspect they'll elect one of the even more vile (if that's possible) homophobic African bishops.

But I do hope there's a really juicy scandal in the closet.

They've never gone outside Europe (rarely outside Italy, actually) and if they do it would be more likely to be South America.

The list of living cardinals (and it is highly unlikely they would go outside that) is here


Well that is something I never expected!

I wonder will they need a Conclave at all with so many papal "experts" around!

I understand that several bookmakers are already taking bets.

Happy Birthday!

Yrs in irrelevance


One possibility no one seems to have mentioned yet is that he might have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. A Pope who doesn't actually understand what is happening around him and/or has memory issues might be a problem (particularly when there are highly sensitive PR issues to be handled).

Also Happy Birthday (I don't seem to have missed the deadline yet) and many happy returns! :D

Well, it's been mentioned on Facebook, but if so it has come on very rapidly in the past year.

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