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In the Wet
Today we drove with the dogs to Claybury park under the stupid impression that, because of its hill and its paved paths, it might be less of a problem for Bren. It wasn't. But we still might have got away with it if it hadn't been for those pesky kids a number of dogs including a spiffing Ridgeback bitch, who induced Bren to run through water and mud and do his patented handbrake turns. It was the latter that finally did for the rubber boot. His paw ended up very muddy and very wet.


Once home, we cleaned and dried his paw (noting with relief that the scab was intact), then puffed anti-bacterial powder on it, and, because all his paws are cracked from the awful wet and mud, waxed them.

This afternoon his new halter arrived. It is only just big enough, and he hates it. However, it works! We went over to the Pet Shop (I just typed 'Pest shop' and never was a truer typo typed) because I'd forgotten Bren's chicken feet yesterday - they do honey flavoured ones but that is really ridiculous - when picking up vast amounts of stuff and, though he tried to get the halter off and did his stubborn "I will stand here until you do what I want" act, he didn't pull once and was much easier to control. I'm impressed, though I need to wait until he meets a dog on the rec. We did meet Goldie-pup Darwin in the shop, but that hardly counts as Bren is generally well behaved with dogs inside.
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