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Dog Accessories - the PawZ boot.
Bren adult
Today, the postman arrived with a packet from PetPlanet containing two packets of PawZ disposable rubber boots, one blue medium set for Bren and one red small set for Draco, should he happen to need them or should we get snow melt with lots of 'salt' on the roads.

Unlike the Walk-on boot we have been using, these are much smaller, and resemble small rubber balloons but without the long neck and rolled rim. The top opening is extremely narrow so you have to work hard to stretch it enough to go over the paw and it fits very tightly around the dog's leg just above the paw. We put it on over his dew claw, but it soon slipped below it and simply covered the paw. It takes an effort to get on, but Bren is a patient dog and I have to say it was worth it to see him racing at full speed round the rec for the first time in three weeks. The PawZ boot stayed on and kept the wet out. It should be reusable for a couple more times, which is great.

We could not have used this boot when Bren's paw was bandaged as it would have been far too small, but it is great for protection now it is simply to keep the wet and dirt out until the wound is fully healed. Also, we will continue with the Walk-on boot when letting him out in the garden as it is much easier to put on and rarely slips much if he is just popping out to do his business and not lunging at other dogs.
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THey sound good: I'm glad they're letting him zoom around.

He's a much happier dog. Tomorrow we'll take him out in the car to one of the places where we can arrange a better balance between mud and concrete...

Oh, and how were the slopes?

They were excellent, thank you, and rather dog-infested. Many of the locals took their dogs out to play in the snow, which was lovely.

Dogs adore snow. It's a wolf thing,

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