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Bren adult
Bren is sentenced to keep his foot clean and dry for another week. Meanwhile, there is a sale at Pet Planet, so Ina has ordered lots of small, rubber, disposable boots for both dogs, partly to see Bren through the next week, partly to have in reserve to protect from salt on the roads or another injury. (The main problem was measuring Draco's paws. He objected strongly and I ended up being bitten - in the sense that he drew a tiny amount of blood, about a pin prick's worth. We finally had to use his muzzle.)

At the same time I ordered a much recommended anti-pull headgear, the dogmatic, for Bren.

For the first time in my life I was obliged to order online but write a cheque (the alternative was PayPal, which I will no longer use and have managed without for the last five years, and for which I cannot remember my password - nor do I care to.) Still, this is not incredibly urgent, though the cheque went off in the last post tonight. I ordered the wrong colour, but he already has a blue and white collar so a blue training lead -- a very long one, I think -- is something I was considering buying anyway.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, our water supply has vanished. Sometimes this is due to a fault at the local pumping station and gets fixed when someone notices, but sometimes it is a leak somewhere and as we can't tell which it is, we generally report it anyway. Which we duly did. Then I went off to Tescos to buy some bottled water for the animals and to make tea.

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I'd have expected a site with that name to offer robot dogs.

And here I am without a K9 icon.

My first thought looking at the Dogmatic was "dog bridle" -- it doesn't have a bit, does it? How is it supposed to function?

It works in much the same way as a hackamore, by pressure on the nose, and is about the same severity - not enough to cause real pain (it's much less severe than a choke chain) or to do any damage but uncomfortable enough for the dog to avoid pulling. This kind of gadget has been in use for, I suppose, about twenty years in the UK. The original, the Halti, was invented by dog behaviorist Dr Roger Mugworth, but there are a number of 'improved' versions. This one is highly recommended on dog training sites.

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