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Frustration in the Snow
snow coyote
It has been snowing on and off since six o'clock. I adore the snow. I love walking in snow. My dog Bren loves the snow...

But Bren has a cut paw. The paw has to be kept clean and dry, even though the bandage (which had to be kept drier as it couldn't be dried if wet by accident) is now gone. To effect this, Bren has a quite expensive neoprene boot. However, the boot was bought to fit his paw plus bandage and now the bandage is gone, the boot slips. So right now inside the boot there is a sock (one that was in the back of a drier at the laundrette and came home with us inadvertently) and over the sock is a cut piece of thick tights, and over the neoprene boot is a velcro reflective leg band (part of a very useful freebe from James Welbeloved.

This holds up well enough walking on a pathway, but still slips on uneven ground and when Bren starts to gallop. If I let him off the lead it would be gone in a minute. So we are both frustrated because he wants off the lead and I won't let him go. He's going into the vets tomorrow to (hopefully) have his stitches from his castration removed and the vet is going to check his foot then. I would be very, very grateful if he tells me I can let Bren run in the snow so long as I clean his feet afterwards.

Anyhow, here is a picture of the dogs and Ina in the snow this morning.

Jean and the dogs.

The LDD is, by the way, wearing two coats!

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Oh, poor put-upon Bren. Cute shot, though.

He's on the sofa looking miserable.

Well, hopefully, the tomorrow vet says it's OK to get it wet.

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