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It never rains...
Bren adult
It has been a stressful day.

We took Bren for his first reasonably long walk since his op -- and it is going to be the last for some days. We'd come back through the village and were about to cross the road outside the pub when he stopped and held up his paw for me to make it better. We used an antiseptic wipe on it and there was blood, but not too much, so we cleaned it as best we could and made out way back home. Once there, we washed his paw and, when he started leaving bloody footprints on the kitchen floor, bandaged it. An hour or so later we checked the paw, and there was a lot of blood on the bandage, so we phoned the vet and took him in. Luckily, the paw didn't need stitches but had to be cleaned and properly bandaged (in a very sporty red that matches his lead), with antibiotics deployed. Next stop was the local pet shop because we needed a boot. The bandage has to be kept dry and the best way to do that is a plastic bag, but a plastic bag wears through within a hundred yards, so you need, as we discovered with Draco, a boot over a plastic bag. I bought a quite expensive one. Bren doesn't like it, but we had that problem with Draco and he got over it fairly quickly. Currently, though, we are trying to stop him chewing and this bandage and/or his stitches, despite him wearing a Buster collar. It's that looooonnnnng nose...

Currently, I am contemplating a glass of sherry...
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Oh dear, I hope it's better soon. Did you find what caused it?

There were pieces of glass around, so I suspect he picked up one.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. The sherry was followed by half a bottle of a good Aussie Chardonnay.

Sounds like you've earned a glass of something.

Oh dear. I hope his paw is better soon.

Hopefully it should have healed up some time next week.

Oh, poor Bren! One bit of bad luck after another.

My godmother's father's Viszler broke a leg after a collision with a car, and chewed through three separate casts before the vet gave up and wrapped the cast in gaffer tape. I imagine that's not an option with the bandage?

Not yet. Our vets work on the principle of "if he chews it/it gets wet come in and we'll put another on." (Draco was much more badly cut on Christmas Eve last year - he had to have stitches - and was given very festive bandages with cut-out Christmas trees.

I love the idea of LDD festooned with Christmas-tree bandages.

Oh, poor Bren.
I dreamt about you and Ina last night. You have a very intelligent horse living with you, along with the cats and dogs -- he was a fine conversationalist who enjoyed Proust.


Must see each other soon.

Blinks. Did I miss the news about his op? I hope he's doing well.

Op was standard castration while you were off the internet.

Poor puppy but a lucky puppy at the same time...

It could have been so much worse.

Oh, dear. Poor Bren! I'm glad it didn't need stitches, but it's still a terrible nuisance.

He can't decide whether to pick at the bandage or pick at his stitches!

Difficult choice, that.

Hope all is now healing well.

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