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On hearing this morning's news.
Someone really ought to remind the Catholic church that challenging the government of this country rarely works out well for them. And hasn't at all for the last four and a half centuries. Also that there is a large difference between 'promoting' and 'keeping your opinions to yourself in your workplace.' Also that, and I know this for a fact, they do not speak for everyone in this country who was baptised Catholic - indeed, many of the people they count as church members are no longer church members.

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Maybe they should have no mind of their own but go with the Establishment as the Protestant Church has done for 400 years

Nothing to do with that. They are trying to impose their own morality on an elected government where the majority of the electorate disagrees with them, using bad logic and, in one case, actually lying.

Why do we erect singposts on our roads? They don't compel people to go anywhere.


The signposts -- at least here -- don't lie about the destination they point to. That letter lies about the proposed legislation and what it actually says.

I haven't heard the news this morning. What's going on?

Oh, a load (though, incidentally, a minority) of Catholic priests in the UK reckoning that same sex marriage will be religious oppression.


Oh, that again. Yadda yadda yadda.

Yeah. I wish the Beeb wouldn't give them so much publicity.

I'm a Quaker, therefore a pacifist, so I choose not to work for the military, weapons or aerospace industries- no one forces me not to but my moral stance is that I can't and won't.

Not rocket science, it is?

Oh wait....................................................:o)

As other people on my flist know, I am a pretty militant atheist but I have enormous respect for the Quakers...

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