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How have I lived to my present age without...?
(Apologies in advance to the Americans on my flist - just assume we are almost all benighted heathens over here.)

How have I lived to my present age without discovering that the best popcorn is popcorn you make yourself from kernels on the top of the stove, and that it is easy, easy peasy? And cheap. I saw Nigella make her spiced Christmas popcorn on TV, blinked and thought, "God, is it really that easy? Why is everyone selling ready-made or micro-waveable popcorn. How lazy can you get?" Next time I was in Sainsbury's I managed to locate the half dozen or so little bags of popping corn amid the microwave stuff (we don't own a microwave) and have not looked back!

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Banged grains? Oh yeah!

Take a large, lidded pan, some good quality oil and some dried maize..................

Don't get me going on Nigella bloody Lawson!

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Don't get me going on Nigella bloody Lawson!

Nor me!


In my case because she's an appalling transphobe and I object to people who do the 'domestic goddess' bit ably assisted by only half a dozen kitchen staff! It belittles the rest of us mere mortals who are just reasonable cooks and run a household whilst holding down a day job.


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When you come from the background she does, she's hardly convincing doing the "domestic goddess" thing, and she's a bad cook, especially considering how much she doesn't do for herself. Plus she simpers, and I can't be doing with grown women who simper...

CONGRATULATIONS!! About bloody time!

We're weird here in England. I daresay there are English people on my flist who make popcorn on top of the stove but, to be honest, no-one has ever offered me any or mentioned making it; in fact, the only popcorn you generally see is either in the cinema or prepackaged. Even the microwave stuff has a limited market and supermarkets haven't generally carried popping corn until very recently.

I've done it - there was a bit of a trend, I think when I was a teenager. I don't do it myself these days because I'm not much of a popcorn fan.

We've been making it on the stove for years, and I am sorry we have never offered you any! But somehow it doesn't seem like the sort of thing to offer visitors. It is awesome with yeast flakes (from Holland and Barrett) sprinkled on it!

I had the hardest time finding real popcorn here in England - for a while I used to bring it back from the US with me until I found some tucked in the corner of Sainsbury's (though it appears to have disappeared recently with all the lentils and I don't know where I shall turn when my current stash is gone.)

In my Sainsbury's it's with the microwavable popcorn and the Butterkist sort of stuff.

If you look at Lissa's comment she says you can get it in Indian shops. Of course, she lives in Essex, like me...

Stove-made popcorn is awesome! And it's such fun too!

Best source in the UK is Indian food shops, where they sell it in much larger bags.

Not that we have an addiction thing going in this house... No ma'am.

Ah, but your household is bigger than mine and contains children...

Grin. Actually more to the point it contains Phil who makes large bowls of it 1-2 times a week. Also our Sainsburys used not to sell it, though it's caught up now.

My favorite thing, which an ex-boyfriend and I developed (I can't really say invented), is curried popcorn. Melt as much butter as your conscience will allow, stir good curry powder into it (bad or even mediocre curry powder makes awful popcorn), drizzle it over the popped popcorn, and stir.

It actually works best with air-popped popcorn, because that doesn't add oil in the popping, so you can have more butter added later. Unfortunately, just sifting dry curry powder over the popcorn doesn't work anywhere near as well, because you get the dry texture of the curry powder. Unless you like that, of course.

Interesting, but as I don't really like curry, I think I'll pass on this one.

I've had very good luck with adding a little Cajun spice powder to the popping oil itself. The popped corn picks up just enough of it to add flavor, which means you don't need to add extra butter or other seasonings.

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