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Shoe Shopping
Okay. Most women seem to have lots and lots of shoes. They also enjoy shopping for same.

So I went shopping and bought a) a pair of waterproof trainers from Clarks, b) a pair of slippers from M&S and c) a pair of knee high waterproof lace-up lined boots from M&S.

The footwear I use at the moment consists of a) a pair of wellingtons, b) a pair of ankle high walking boots from Cotton Traders, c) a pair of good waterproof walking shoes/trainers from Sports Direct, d) a pair of black flats and e) a pair of lined ankle boots.

That's it. You can tell I spend most of my walking time in the woods, can't you? I wear the good ankle boots maybe once or twice a month!

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Whilst I'll freely admit to a thing for fashionable winter boots, I wear my hi tec composite walking boots as much as any other pair of footwear I own!

I loathe shoe shopping with a passion! Of course in my case it's made more complicated by having size 10 feet which means I can't buy women's shoes in most shops.

That's a horrible problem. I am annoyed enough about my wide feet which restricts any hope of decent fashionable shoes. Mind you, I don't like shopping much anyway...

To be fair, it's not been the sort of year when sandals were an option.

You use more footwear than I do.

Only because I spend a lot of time walking through ankle deep mud!

This summer I bought one pair of sneakers, and two pairs of those weird shoes with toes.

Last year I bought boots and crocs. Those are pretty much my shoes. I have some sorels for snow.

I would rather buy books than shoes.

How are the shoes with toes? I keep looking at them but then I think that I'm not keen on socks with toes so I probably wouldn't like the shoes either and I resist once more. They do look fun though.

I loathe buying shoes. I want them to be comfortable from the moment I put them on, and they never are. My BM wants me to start buying 'Hotter' shoes, but I just can't afford them. I have a pair of boots from Primark (which have done three years and are now falling apart), two pairs of Cotton Trader sandals and another pair I bought from Oswald Baileys in 1999 when I went to Australia, two pairs of cheap trainers and some snowboots which I pinched from my mother's wardrobe when she went into care. I have no 'smart' shoes at all except a glorious pair of clogs I bought earlier this year and which I thought would be just the thing; they cut my feet to shreds the day I went to the 'Globe' and now I don't even think they're good enough to sell on eBay. Next pair of 'smart' shoes I get will have to be pre-loved ones from a charity shop, I suppose, but since I don't go to smart occasions any more it hasn't really been a priority.

I have got some tarty 'leopard-skin' slippers, though ...

In defence of Hotter shoes, they aren't cheap (though not as expensive as some), however, they last and last and last. So if you work out how much they cost per year, compared to cheap shoes that fall apart quickly, look scruffy after a couple of wearings or hurt your feet, they work out as quite good value if you can afford the initial outlay.

I have actually worn out my pair of Hotter lightweight walking boots, but that's due to the number of miles on tarmac and hard tracks that I've walked in them. I do hope they still make that design because I want to get another pair. All my other Hotter shoes and boots are still in play. :)

So if you work out how much they cost per year, compared to cheap shoes that fall apart quickly, look scruffy after a couple of wearings or hurt your feet, they work out as quite good value if you can afford the initial outlay.

Which is precisely what I've been told, but unfortunately the chances of my ever finding that sort of money all in one place are quite remote.

I've managed to pick up a couple of pairs of Hotter shoes in sales - it's worth looking.

Though my Hotter boots have a fault in the zip stitching which rubs my calf - I need to do some repairs if I need them this year (they're too posh for dog waking!)

Shoes might be a thing. I have some amazing funky sneaker boot things with a Liberty pattern from Clarkes, some pale purple leather sneakers, my purple Crocs, some black trainers with multi-coloured eyelets that a friend gave me when they didn't fit her, a pair of (purple) walking shoes and my Vans trainers with the star field pattern on that Phil got me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Those are just the ones out on the floor of our room. Wellies are downstairs (they have witches on them), party shoes are in the closet. Wedding suitable shoes are... somewhere. We have some drawers in a wardrobe in the library for boots various but I don't wear them much. I have a couple of pairs of sandals that are around. I don't wear them much either, mostly because if it's warm enough for them then it's warm enough for the Crocs and those have lots of fun Jibbitz stuck in them.

I made myself throw away a pair of shoes last week because they were dead to the point of not being comfortable for more than walking around the house. I was sad about that because they had a funky pattern on them that used to be white (on a black background) but I coloured them in with my fabric pens a while ago.

I need to buy new Crocs this year because I think the pair I have are losing their grip. On the plus side I'm going to the US this year so I get a chance to buy some in dollar prices.

So yes, shoes might be a thing, but mostly not the kinds of shoes the magazines tell us are the kinds that women buy in excess numbers. Also most of them were bought when on sale because mostly shoes are overpriced.

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I hate having to buy shoes because I have very wide feet with a high instep and narrow-ish heel, and that means that only one pair in a million fits reasonably well. And these days I can't afford to buy shoes anyway. I'd love another three pairs of Crocs, because all mine have gone smooth on the bottom and are deadly if the surface underfoot is wet. But they're too expensive as well.

I think the last pair I bought was a pair of Hotter shoes in the same style as the Ecco Soft that I like and that fit, but they were in the sale, so although they're perforated suede and beige (where I wanted brown plain leather...), they'll do. The pair before that were the last pair of trainers, I think in 2010. They probably need replacing at some point when I've got £12 to spare.

One of the best pairs of shoes I ever had were Ecco walking shoes picked up in a sale. They were bright pink (which explained the sale), but lasted for years.

I adore the Ecco Also Soft laceups. I've got three or four pairs - the first time I tried a pair on I almost burst into tears in the shoe shop because they fitted so well. Unfortunately, my favourite brown pair got plastic rot last winter and the soles collapsed. I've got a couple of pairs of men's Ecco shoes too for winter weather. Unfortunately, £60+ (or is it £70+ now?) is a bit too much for me these days. The Hotter 'Dew' style is very similar (also, alas, similar in price), but I need the extra or extraextra wide ones which aren't available in all colours.

I *just* received my new boots. I am going to England for Quartertone and since I'm not likely to get another chance to go to England anytime soon, I'm making the most of it and staying an extra week, which mean that the fact that most of my shoes are not waterproof was kind of a problem. (England. January. Sight-seeing.)

And I happened to see the cutest pair of boots. And the manufacturer says they're waterproof. They look like they would do for my con outfit too.

I don't normally hope for cute shoes--and my idea of cute often doesn't align with what "cute" means to the rest of the world anyway. I'm very tall and I normally just get mens shoes because my feet fall right in the middle of those sizes. I had to actually go to a shoe store and measure my feet to know what size of woman's shoe I would even wear.

And they had that size (size 11, which is probably something else in the UK). It's where women's sizes normally stop in the US, if they even get that far so I ordered and crossed my fingers.

They got here today. They fit! Hurray; I have cute boots for England! They were kind of expensive purchases in my little world, so I hope they hold up well. And hopefully if other people think "oh my god what ARE those things on her feet?" they will keep it at the thinking level :-)

At the moment it is extremely wet here. We have just had one of the wettest years since records began! Wading through mud is obligatory.

Well, I only noticed the other day that despite never having been the sort of woman who has a lot of shoes, I appear to now have:

Running shoes
Walking shoes
Proper walking boots for hills
Badminton shoes
Indoor cross-trainers
Cycling shoes
Plus, you know, regular shoe type shoes. I have some of those too.

Plus, you know, regular shoe type shoes. I have some of those too.


Haha! I own a surprising number of shoes, largely thanks to my mother and godmother occasionally putting their foot down and insisting on shoe acquisition. I bought three pairs of shoes in my grand pre-work-experience shopping spree and almost fainted.

I understand this is not how most people my age do things.

I tend to find shoe-shopping depressing, mostly. I have large feet and weak ankles, and I insist on being able to walk at least a mile on bad pavements in my most formal shoes, so I'm not the market most of the (female) shoe industry is aimed at. If it wasn't for the M&S "footglove" range I don't know what I'd do.

The shoe corner in the hall is somewhat cluttered, though -- two pairs of flat shoes and two pairs of boots (one black, one brown of each) in current use, plus wellies, hiking shoes, a couple more pairs of flats on the way out, various sandals, and whatever is gathering dust in the wardrobe. I managed to go out on Sunday in odd shoes, but they were similar enough -- and my skirt long enough -- that I don't think anyone noticed.

Shoes are one of my weaknesses, but at the same time I spend most of my time in surfer flops -- so I have way too many shoes that I almost never wear, most of which are for doing special occasions of one sort or another. Interestingly, they all fit and are comfortable because I will not buy shoes that don't/aren't.

Until this past year, I almost never wore boots, and then primarily for costuming. But something seems to have changed in my self-image, and now I find myself wearing boots more and more often just with ordinary clothing. Go figure.

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