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Reboots Are Us
Watching The Amazing Spider-man.

God, it's so slow - and I can't believe Garfield as the bullied and unpopular kid. Not the way he looks. On the other hand, the lady who plays Gwen has made her interesting for the first time in comic book history.

We're still trying to figure when this is set. They have the internet, but not, apparently, mobiles (or why the hell didn't May yell for Peter on hers?) Peter has a skateboard, an innovation from canon, but a skateboard... why? So lame.

Oh, and I object, greatly, to Connors saying that lizards can "rengerate" [their limbs] "at will". Oh, no they bloody well can't.

Ina has just remarked that she "can't see why they bothered to remake it." I am inclined to agree.

And this Peter has no morality.

More, possibly, later.

ETA: 52 minutes in, and the first decent images in the movie so far. Shame it was just two shots.

ETA Again. Peter in the comics is all sort of things - a motor mouth and witty are two of them, a loving nephew is another - but what he never has been is a brat. This guy is a brat.

Yet another ETA: The Lizard effects are awful. So is the web-slinging.

People kept telling me that this was the witty Spidey of the comic books. I have yet to see any sign of this at all!

"Could advance humanity on an evolutionary scale" - even taking that as comic book science, what the fuck does it mean? Does evolution have a scale???? If so, this is news to everyone.

And now, would you believe, Peter is using a mobile phone but where you wouldn't get a signal!

I'm having difficulty with a Peter Parker this careless of his secret identity.

Peter is more upset about Gwen's dad's death than about Uncle Ben's??? Oh, please.

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Confused. Peter becomes a vigilante BECAUSE of Uncle Ben. He's upset about Uncle Ben for the entire movie. He's even listening to that voicemail message (on his mobile phone you'll notice) after everything else has happened.

Whereas his main upset about Gwen's dad is that he promised her dad that he'd stop seeing Gwen. It's not really on the same scale at all.

I quite like how this Peter Parker feels more like a real person rather than a whiny geek stereotype. This and Chronicle are the only superhero movies to be released this year to contain something akin to real people.

But that's just my two cents.

If Peter is supposed to be upset about Ben (and what about May? Where is her grief?) then it is a big acting failure.

In fact, I agree with the critic who said this was meant to appeal to the Twilight crowd. It might possibly be effective as a teen romance - it is not effective as either an adventure or a superhero movie. Selling it as either of the latter is false pretenses.

Whatever it was, it sure wasn't Spider-man.

I don't even remotely understand why you think Peter wasn't grieving. It's probably more likely the directing choice than Andrew Garfield's acting.

I'll admit that the romance was one of the better elements of this movie, but Raimi's films had always been trying to be romance films too. They were just no damn good at it.

I think the main reason why this isn't really Spider-Man yet is because it's taking its time over his origins. He's making all those mistakes that he felt so guilty about in the comics. When he's wrestling over his morality in the comics, it's always because of his past. This character will actually have the dark past which makes emotionally wrestling over every issue rather more sensible (and as we both know, he hasn't made all his early mistakes yet - though actually I'd rather they DIDN'T kill off Gwen - she was great).

It didn't engage. It was incredibly slow. And that allowed me to see all the errors of plot and characterisation while it was actually running. That is a big problem. Normally, if you don't see the plot holes until later, you can forgive the writer.

Peter here is acting out of revenge, not out of guilt. It destroys what was one of the best aspects of the character from the very first appearance back in Amazing Fantasy #15 - his agonised choice to use his powers against criminals instead to make money. Here, that choice isn't made. And he doesn't even get revenge.

Peter here is acting out of revenge, not out of guilt.

Yes. He's not using his powers responsibly. That's what he always beats himself up about later, because he has to make these mistakes in order to learn from them. So the guilt comes later.

Naturally this isn't following the exact same pattern as the early comics. Even flashbacks of those comics don't always match up exactly with what actually happened. Comics have come a long way since those days and the whole wrestling thing doesn't really make a lot of sense. It's like with "X-Men". The earliest comic isn't really about being accepted in society in spite of differences, it's just about people with special powers. You immediately get the totally-evil Magneto maniacally announcing how he's the most powerful mutant in the world right from the word go. Storytelling in the movies needed to be a bit more refined than that.


Simplistic, more like. (There are far more revenge-themed movies out there than guilt themed.) And anything more simplistic that original Lee scripts would be hard to find, but somehow they have managed it.

Admittedly, what Marvel are doing with Spider-man at the moment is a lot worse...

I used to enjoy the Spider-Man comics a lot during the 90s, but it was a lot darker than I think a lot of fans of the Raimi films would really be keen on. This (image below) was a pretty iconic (if anything during that era of the comics can be called "iconic") image from that era. (For the record, Green Goblin appeared to be properly dead at this stage in the timeline. This is a "gotcha" from beyond the grave.)

If the movies ever bring us anything as cool as this, I'm pretty sure all your current annoyance will have been worth it. :)

Admittedly, what Marvel are doing with Spider-man at the moment is a lot worse...

Lol. Any decent horror stories on that front?

Edited at 2012-12-30 05:35 pm (UTC)

Oh, God... Okay. On your own head be it. Though you could look it up for yourself I suppose....


Peter is dead in both the 616 and Ultimate universes. (In the latter, Spider-man is now a fourteen year old kid called Miles Morales, who has an enormous number of fans, including the 616 Peter Parker who got sent there in Bendis's Spider-men mini series.)

In 616, as I understand it, Doc Ock has taken on the identities of both Peter Parker (deceased) and Spider-man and no one notices, not even MJ when he tries to seduce her...

Sorry, hang on. I mean, I'd heard about Miles Morales being a new Spider-Man and I suppose it makes sense that Peter Parker would die first. But.... Dr. Octopus has taken on Peter Parker's identity? How the hell does that work???

Don't ask me. I'm already getting this second hand...

Confirms my decisions not to watch it - thanks!

Oh, I can often have an unpopular opinion, and a lot of film critics liked this one, for the same reasons, I think, as fatpie42, but, for what it is worth, Ina agrees with me.

And I object very strongly to being told there would be sassy-banter with the villains, and there isn't any.

I haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, mainly because Ina did and actually walked out before the end, for reasons that make good sense when she explains them. (And coincide with my own opinion that Nolan, great director though he is, is not capable of killing his babies. There is always at least one scene that goes on far too long..)

So I will have to get the DVD and watch it when she's out.

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