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There is a covered cat litter tray in my bedroom sitting on a big waterproof board. We've noticed that some furry people seem to be missing more than usually often. I mean, Kurt sits on the lip but usually it all goes inside. This morning, I saw Little Dog Draco lift his leg and wee through the door into the litter tray!

Scifigrl47 on my (and her) Marvel OTP: "For dudes who aren’t dating, they BREAK UP AN AWFUL LOT."

How true.

Bren is having to have eyedrops put in three times a day, because his allergies (aggravated by his habit of nicking cat food when I forgot to lift it from the chest of drawers and put it higher) have made them sore. He does not like this. They are getting a bit better, though.

He is now ten months old. It seems like yesterday that he was able to fit in a cat bed! Today he looks like this...

Bren at 10 Months

and Little Dog Draco is still the Duracell dog

Draco Catches His Ball

On Thursday Bren refused to jump anything at all. I think some of it may have been resentment at the eyedrops, but all the same...

Still not done anything about Christmas.

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That Bren is one elegant dog. And I sympathise with him over the eyedrops.

I've discovered that if he gets a treat before and after he will be moderately still...

I think little dog Draco is trying to make a point. Why should the humans and cats be allowed to pee indoors while he has to go out into the cold and wet. :)

What makes you think that he will actually go out in the cold and wet if he can nip down into the hall and pee up something. (At least he avoids carpets.)

Oh, yes, you'll be new to our dogs!

One of my flist quit in a huff after finding that I didn't always post about the dogs but was sometimes, you know, a bit contentious...

I am proud of the fact that my flist contains a great many people with whom I cordially disagree...

This is something to be proud of. Particularly if - as I suspect - some of those disagreements are at a profound level.


The LJ cut used as a warning is a wonderful thing.

Draco is a clever dog!

That's one way of putting it.

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