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The Hawkeye Initiative
For many years, female comics fans (and some male ones!) have complained bitterly over the way female superheroes (and, indeed, female characters in general) are depicted in comic books, often in quite unfeasible poses and costumes. Well, fan artists are striking back. The result is The Hawkeye Initiative, over on Tumblr, where artists are encouraged to portray Hawkeye (who, in the comics, likes to portray himself as incredibly butch) in the same poses. Really, it's all too hilarious -- with a good point. Go look
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*laughs* Thank you for that link!

What fun! Thanks for the link.

Those are very fine. (And Hawkeye does ask for it... He's my favourite Avenger, but he is most assuredly an ace prannock on many occasions.)

Some of those are really outstanding -- especially the broken-spine ones where you see the chest and the butt at the same time.

There is an awesome one just up where one morphs into the other!

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