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Just another day...
Bren adult
We may have escaped the worst of the rain, but walking the dogs has become... difficult, primarily because the LDD does not like the wet. Bren, on the other hand, is happy to wade. Today we drove up to Roding Meadows; we expected the water meadows at the bottom of the valley to be flooded, but so were the sports fields. Unfortunately, there are cattle in the fields, and the meadows on the other side of the motorway are also dogs on leads. Bren is okay on the lead on a road, but not when he thinks he ought to be running free. My shoulders have been thoroughly wrenched. However, he is coming to the whistle even when there are other dogs in sight, despite the onset of adolescent hooliganism.

Bren is doing as well as can be expected at agility class. He has decided he likes the dog walk and the A-frame, and we have to grab him before he races up the see-saw. He can jump superbly but is so laid back it is difficult to get him excited enough to tackle more than three jumps in a line. You can see him thinking; she goes round them, why do I have to jump?

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