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Ow! Ow!
Further to the post below, I appear to have sprained my left wrist. At least, that's what it feels like. I can't even tear cat food sachets - or type with both hands...

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Owwie :-(

Time to teach Bren not to jump up, methinks. He's getting to be a big dog now and he can hurt you without meaning to.

Bren has only to started to jump up in the last few weeks, and we are doing all the right things to get him to stop. On the other hand, people we meet are undermining us "Oh, it's all right. I have dogs and I'm used to it. Isn't he gorgeous?") He's at the adolescent hooligan stage. *sigh*

Conflicting messages from well-meaning people are definitely not helpful. But he's still young, and I'm sure if you continue to be firm with him, he'll get there.

How's the wrists doing today? Any better?

Yeah. It's more useful. The bruising's come out and it's a bit swollen, but not enough to make me think there's anything seriously wrong. It's strapped up and I'm taking pain-killers and not putting any strain on it.

Sounds about right. Best to keep using it lightly so it doesn't stiffen. I hope it's better soon *hugs*

Oh bugger, poor you! I saw the previous post but didn't get teh chance to comment before I ghad to put tea out. It was lucky you didn't land on teh glass.


It's swollen and bruised this morning, but not excessively so. At least I could put on my bra by myself. (I had to come downstairs and humbly ask Ina to undo it for me last night.)

Unfortunately, I can't drive with it, so our plans that I'd drive Ina to the tube station for her trip to her aged uncle's birthday bash (his 90th) was scuppered, so she's driven herself and is leaving it in the car park. Means she can't drink, of course...

Of course, taking the dogs out proved tricky and it's the most wonderful day out there, but I was a nervous wreck after 45 minutes.

Ouch ouch ouch! There ought to be laws against things that don't make themselves felt until JUST AFTER you've reckoned you probably got away fairly lightly.

*is trusting you're right handed*

Am right handed. Pain killers and a support bandage means I can do things with my left, so long as I don't have to grasp anything with any weight...

I am very much hoping that pain goes, and function returns very soon.

You really ought to take that to casualty. Something they hammered hard on when I did first-aid training was that apparent sprains are potential breaks. Most of them aren't breaks - but untreated breaks are bad.

I know, I know.

On the other hand, I remember what a break feels like all too well. This isn't swollen enough, and the finger and wrist movements aren't really restricted. We'll see how it goes...

Ouch indeed! I hope tomorrow finds you on the way to recovery. One-handed living is a real challenge.

Poor wrist! Are you using ice on it?

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