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So, today Ina went off the Discover Dogs and I stayed home, played with dogs and researched the geography of Long Island and the birth of tornadoes and wrote bits into this bloody short that is close to 20,000 words now...

Then Ina came home with lots of goodies for dogs and kitties, including a reflective bandana for Bren, in which he looks very smart, and huge tubes of Thrive for the kitties...

Then we took the dogs for a walk on the rec, and some idiot had smashed a bottle or three and left glass all over the paths and basketball court. I grabbed Bren's collar to keep him away, and Ina picked up Draco. Unfortunately, this resulted in Bren, all 26 or so kilos of him, leaping up to rescue his buddy, dragging me off my feet and hurling me down on the hardstanding. Luckily, the only damage was to my hands (gravel rash and cuts) and bruising... but the bruising is now making itself felt.

Better head out and cook...
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Why are people so stupid?? I hope you're not too badly hurt. :-(

I suspect I will feel it in the morning, but it's not that bad.

How are your finances? I do worry...

I'm surviving. Not great, but okay.

How are you? I read your other post and I'm worried that you are seriously hurt.

Keep battling. I know you'll come through.

No, I'm not seriously hurt, just a sore wrist. Possibly sprained, but usable in a pressure bandage and with anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

Ouch. *sends Hagrid with liniment*

*thanks you for sending Hagrid*

Always someone to cheer one up!

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