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U.S. Election
It's good to wake up to the information that Obama won and Romney lost. I don't think Obama is a messiah come to save us, but, by gum, he's a better man and a better statesman than Romney.

I am also glad to say that, if the interviews on the World Service are to be believed, a lot of young people voted on the social issues and not just on the economy. Also that a lot of the really vile members of Congress have lost.

Thank you, a slight majority of the American people.

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Hear! Hear!

The world this morning feels like a much safer place than it might have been.

Nods. I'm not at all impressed by Obama but Romney was scary

Literally the only thing stopping me dancing is that my window looks out over a playground and I don't want to scar the kids. Obama is not perfect, he was never going to be, but Romney is a nightmare.

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